Anticipatory disaster insurance, mobile mental health programme, Zimbabwe’s friendship bench

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we have a new method of funding disaster relief, the city of Kingston launches a mobile mental health program and grandmothers in Zimbabwe help rethink mental health.

Why anticipatory insurance is the next frontier for climate aid

States and international organizations are creating funds and insurance systems to better prepare for future disasters. Regular payments help relief organizations with funding, allowing them to respond more effectively when there actually is a disaster.

Source: Energy Monitor

Kingston creates a pilot program to help emergency mental health response

A mobile, mental health pilot project initiated by the City of Kingston and others pairs mental healthcare specialists with Fire Department medics to help during emergencies.

Source: Mid Hudson News

3 million acres of forest now protected in new nature reserve

Ecuador is expanding its nature reserves by almost 3 million acres of rainforest. Indigenous communities will work to protect and conserve the territory.

Source: Monga Bay

Rhino numbers are growing again in Uganda

Successful conservation and anti-poaching efforts see positive effects in Uganda, where endangered elephants and rhinos are at risk. Now their numbers are steadily increasing.

Source: Reuters

Forest restoration efforts find funding by growing eucalyptus plants

Forest restoration efforts in Brazil are turning to innovative funding methods. One includes fast-growing eucalyptus plants that are harvested and sold, while other cut part of a plot for timber to fund the restoration of the rest.

Source: Monga Bay

New device reduces microplastics emitted by car tires

The pollution that comes off of tires during use is often worse than the cars emissions. Now, the Tire Collective has created a device that can cut the microplastics that come from car tires by 60%.

Source: Euronews

Flinders Islanders collect discarded glass to use in community projects

On a remote island, north of Tasmania, locals were dealing with a waste problem. Now they collect and recycle old bottles to be reused as pothole fillers and gravel.


New device can help protect women from HIV

A small silicon ring which encircles the cervix releases antiretroviral drugs during sex. It was developed in Africa to help reduce the risk of catching HIV for the user in a region where safe sex isn’t always the norm.

Source: BBC

Water restoration project creates farmland in India

Tamil Nadu suffered from unpredictable rainfall and extreme weather events. Now, an ex-software developer is working to restore water resources for the region, creating jobs and food security.

Source: DW

Grandmothers in Zimbabwe work to introduce new mental health approach

The Friendship Bench helps grandmothers reach anyone in need of a conversation or human connection in Zimbabwe. Often, mental health specialists are scarce and people do not have the resources to help themselves.

Source: The Boston Globe

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