Apple will delete photos from iPhones and iPads this Wednesday; see how to save them

For iPhone and iPad users, advice to avoid loss is to save photos from “My Photo Stream”

Apple will shut down the service

Apple is shutting down its “My Photo Stream” service

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A apple must terminate the service “My PhotoStream” (known in Portuguese as “My Photo Share”) on Wednesday (26).

Since the 26th of June, the photos are no longer saved in the album automatically. As the default is a 30-day storage period, users of iphone It is iPad should check their galleries to avoid missing important images in the next few hours.

The company is moving to iCloud Photos, which automatically uploads and syncs all photos across connected devices.

For iPhone and iPad users, the advice to avoid loss is to save photos from My Photo Stream.

See how:

  • Open the Photos app;
  • Select “My Photo Stream”;
  • Choose the images to be saved and click “Save Image”.

The process is the same on macOS, but you’ll need to drag the images from the old folder into the Library.

If iCloud Photos is already turned on, then this action should not be necessary as the photos are already synced, but Apple recommends a second check to ensure nothing is lost.

“From now on, iCloud Photos will be the best way to keep the photos you take and videos you record up-to-date across all your devices and safely stored in iCloud,” says the company.

Entered By Steve Jobs in 2011, My Photo Stream allowed users to sync up to 1,000 photos across multiple devices for free. iCloud provides 5GB of space for photos, which is about 3,500 images, free of charge and with no expiration date.

How to enable iCloud Photos:

  • Go to Settings > [seu nome];
  • Tap iCloud;
  • Tap Photos, then tap the switch next to “Sync this [dispositivo]”.

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