AR glasses with subtitles for deaf people, Chile to ban single-use products, teaching Boko Haram’s children

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, AR glasses for the deaf transform speech into subtitles, Chile bans single-use products in the food and beverage industry, and a school in Nigeria is educating Boko Haram’s children to allow them to escape their radicalist environments.

New AR glasses for the deaf transform speech into subtitles

Connecting a software with glasses, it transforms the spoken world into readable conversations for deaf people – just like watching a T.V. show. Inspired by his grandfather, Dan Scarfe shares more details.

Source: Euronews

In world first, Chile to ban single-use food and beverage products over three years

In May 2021, Chile announced a legislative ban on single-use products in the food and beverage industry. Similar bans in other countries and cities also address the crux of the plastic pollution problem, but Chile’s ban extends to other materials too.

Source: Mongabay

100,000 happy pictures: a new tool in the cyber ‘arms race’ against child sexual abusers

The volume of child sexual assault material online is on the rise. An Australian project is crowdsourcing images of safe children so it can find those in danger

Source: The Guardian

The HIV prevention drug that could save millions of people – if they can afford it

CAB-LA injections offer stigma-free protection for those at risk – particularly women in Africa. A deal with pharmaceutical companies is crucial

Source: The Guardian

Supermarket stops ‘best before’ date labels to help fight food waste

The well-known supermarket chain ‘Waitrose’ in the UK is the latest to drop the use of ‘best before’ labels on its food items in a strategy to tackle food waste by putting more responsibility on its customers.

Source: Euronews

Fare deal: Ireland joins Europe-wide efforts to coax people out of cars

In Luxembourg every journey is free and Barcelona is halving already low prices. But Irish commuters say patchy networks deter them more than cost.

Source: The Guardian

Can decarceral approaches improve rider rafety?

Many cities send trained community members and social service workers to respond to street crime, instead of police. Now some cities are doing the same for public transit.

Source: Next City

New documentary shows how U.S. streets are ‘deadly by design’ and how that can change

A shocking revelation by PBS in ‘The Street Project’ demonstrates just how deadly the roads are in America, and finds inspiration in other countries on how to make their streets safer.

Source: Next City

This school is educating Boko Haram’s children to allow them to escape their radicalist environments

Amidst a war and tragedy that sees extremist group Boko Haram pitted against the Nigerian government, this school preaches a message of universal love and education for a better world.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

12 good news stories about climate change

There’s no denying that a lot of heartbreak, pain, and injustice was packed into the last year. It’s also true that there were so many moments of hope and stories of helpers to inspire and remind us that progress is possible – and it’s happening all the time.

Source: Good Good Good

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