Architect of the Jewish community in Frankfurt

Works with foresight: Salomon Korn in the Ignatz Bubis community center.
Image: Frank Röth

As CEO, Salomon Korn has been the face of the Jewish community in Frankfurt for almost a quarter of a century. He shaped the community and the city – also through the community center he designed.

When he guides visitors through his house, Salomon Korn is all architect. On the ground floor he points to the red granite floor, in the ballroom to the number of chandeliers, and there on the wall to the material mixture of wood – provisional – and stone – for eternity. “I was used to the symbols back then,” says the chairman of the board of the Jewish community with a smile – and explains the meaning of the fracture lines in the facade, the seven-armed menorah right next to it and the three inconspicuous Stars of David in the water feature in front of the Ignatz Bubis community center in Frankfurt.

Catastrophe, hope, life, he wrote all this in this house, in which the thriving Jewish community has found a home again. Today, children romp about in the courtyard between the community center and the Jewish school, which was later built on the neighboring property. A spicy scent wafts through the house from the kosher restaurant. Two years ago, the first high school graduates from a Jewish school since the Shoah received their diplomas in the large hall.

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