ARD Germany trend: Majority considers nuclear phase-out to be wrong

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ARD Germany trend: Majority considers nuclear phase-out to be wrong

The Emsland nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony.

The Emsland nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony.

Photo: Sina Schuldt/dpa

It was a long argument, but now the last three nuclear power plants in Germany are actually going off the grid. Many view this with suspicion – especially in a certain age group.

Berlin. According to surveys, a majority of Germans are critical of the nuclear phase-out planned for Saturday. Significantly more than half (59 percent) consider the political decision to be wrong, only around a third (34 percent) think it was right, according to the Deutschlandtrend survey for the ARD “Morgenmagazin”.

According to the Infratest-Dimap survey, there is overwhelming approval for the end of nuclear power only in the 18 to 34 age group (50 to 39 percent), while rejection predominates among middle-aged and older age groups.

The step is evaluated differently by the supporters of the parties: while supporters of the Greens (82 percent) and the SPD (56 percent) welcome the end of nuclear energy, supporters of the Union parties (83 percent) and AfD (81 percent) are almost united against it. The majority of FDP supporters (65 percent) also vote against an exit.

Greens: Nuclear power is a waste of taxpayers’ money

Green party leader Katharina Dröge criticizes calls for nuclear power to be extended. “You wouldn’t get the nuclear power plants to continue running for free,” she said in the ARD “Morgenmagazin”. The nuclear power plants in Germany are old and no longer reflect the latest state of the art. “Letting it continue would not work without a massive additional security check, and someone would have to pay for it.”

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) spoke out on Thursday in view of the energy crisis for a longer service life for nuclear power plants in Germany. He called switching off at this point a mistake and a sin.

According to Dröge, no company would operate nuclear power plants without massive government subsidies. Nuclear energy is an extremely expensive form of energy production. “We’ll end this waste of taxpayers’ money tomorrow. And in doing so, we also create price certainty for people at the same time.”

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