Are Isha and Michael Still Together 2023? Know Relationship Timeline

Are Isha and Michael Still Together 2023?

Isha and Michael are the cutest couples of Twenty-somethings. Because they did not fall immediately to anyone, Isha and Michael spend time finding each other. These couples have a separate fanbases. Everyone finds dating challenging, and this pair is already quite busy. The production of the show has just finished, and the episodes have only recently started airing. They are being secretive about their relationship because they are still getting to know one another.  Although they haven’t yet made their relationship public, Despite the emotional thriller that the show’s finale left viewers with, Michael and Isha are still together since they continue to follow one another on social media.

Isha and Michael Relationship Timeline

Since they each arrived with separate goals, there was no romance between them at first. Isha had also suggested they start dating people in their immediate circle. Twenty-Somethings is the first time Isha and Michael have met. Before dating one another, they both had separate relationships. Michael agreed when Isha asked him out for tacos and a date. They discovered that they had a strong connection when Michael took her on romantic outings and excursions. Isha likes the speed of her relationship since it permits her to zero in on her style business as well. Because Michael and Isha have kept their relationship and plans for the future in Austin a secret, their admirers will be keeping a close eye on their social media accounts for the upcoming event.

Michael and Isha Where are They Now?

Michael and Isha are happily together now. Michael and Isha are obviously very committed to one another.  Isha’s work has been shown at New York Fashion Week and featured in British Vogue. Michael Fractor wanted to be a stand-up comedian.


Michael Fractor wants to be a stand-up comedian in the future. He has only really looked into this career path since 2021. He went to Austin with the goal of making this desire a reality. His jokes are dry and loaded with paternal humor. “Imagine how odd and Jewish it is,” he said,In other words, we are. Because of my mother, whenever I sneeze, I always feel sick and afterward, he proceeded, “Just before I moved here, we purchased a puppy.” She brings up the fact that I abandoned the dog whenever we talk on the phone, despite the fact that it was my responsibility to care for him.

Isha Punja

In the wake of graduating with a degree in financial matters from Berkeley School, Isha Punja started her own clothing organization with the assistance of her family. She believes she has a high IQ, but she is aware that she can occasionally sound a little slack. In order to be closer to her new job, she moved to Texas, the Lone Star State. For her business, Hut Mentality, she hires Indian psychics. Each of her pieces is made by hand by craftspeople in India’s outlying regions.

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