Are Pedro and Chantel Still Married? Did they get Divorced?

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The Family Chantel is a popular American reality television show that airs on TLC and documents the lives of Chantel Everett, an American woman, her Dominican husband Pedro Jimeno, and their respective families as they navigate the ups and downs of an intercultural marriage. The show, which is the first spin-off series of the hit reality show 90 Day Fiancé, has garnered a huge following since it first premiered.

The show follows the couple and their families as they go through a range of experiences and adventures. From dealing with cultural differences to overcoming language barriers, Chantel and Pedro’s relationship is put to the test time and time again. Viewers get an inside look at the couple’s day-to-day lives and the challenges they face as they try to build a life together.

One of the unique aspects of the show is its focus on family dynamics. Chantel’s family, who were initially skeptical of Pedro’s intentions, have gradually come to accept him as part of their family. However, tensions still run high between the two families, and the show explores the various conflicts that arise as a result of their cultural differences.

Chantel and Pedro remain committed to making their marriage work. The show is a testament to the fact that love knows no boundaries and that people from different cultures and backgrounds can come together to create a beautiful and lasting relationship.

Are Pedro and Chantel Still Married?

Pedro and Chantel Jimeno, who gained fame on the popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé, recently filed for divorce on their spin-off series The Family Chantel. While the announcement came as a surprise to some fans, others believe there are signs that the couple may reconcile in the future.

Pedro and Chantel first appeared on 90 Day Fiancé season 4, where viewers witnessed the strength of their connection. This led to their own spin-off series in 2019, where they continued to share their journey with fans. Despite facing several challenges in their relationship, including meddling family members, the couple managed to overcome these hurdles.

Throughout their six-year marriage, Pedro and Chantel have experienced both highs and lows. They were known for their explosive fights, which often left viewers wondering if their relationship could survive. However, at the start of The Family Chantel season 4, the couple appeared to be in a good place. They had just purchased a new home together, and both had started new careers. 

Did Chantel and Pedro Get Divorced?

Chantel Everett, the star of the reality TV series The Family Chantel, recently treated herself to a new car amid her divorce from Pedro Jimeno. The 32-year-old took to Instagram on Friday, February 24, to share a video of herself showcasing her new Mercedes Benz as Coi Leray’s “Players” played in the background.

In the video, Chantel can be seen posing next to the car by herself and with her family. She captioned the post, “Thanks Mercedes-Benz of Atlanta Northeast!” and included a close-up snapshot of the vehicle with a red ribbon placed on the hood.

Chantel’s major purchase comes nine months after Pedro filed for divorce after six years of marriage in May 2022. Season 4 of The Family Chantel, which premiered in June 2022, saw the couple facing several obstacles in their relationship, including disagreements over money.

During an August 2022 episode of the 90-Day Fiancé spinoff, Pedro claimed that Chantel took $256,000 from their joint bank account just 24 hours after he moved out of their home and into an apartment amid their split. Pedro realized the money was gone when his debit card was declined while trying to buy items for his apartment. He checked the bank account information online and learned that Chantel had “swiped out everything.”

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