Are You The One Season 9 Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Are You the One season 9 wiki

“Are You the One? A Global Matchmaking Competition” is the latest season of the popular reality dating series. This is the ninth season of the show and it is being filmed in the breathtaking location of Gran Canaria, Spain. The season premiered on January 18, 2023, and is now available for streaming on Paramount+.

This season of “Are You the One?” marks a significant shift from MTV to Paramount+. This change has brought new changes to the production team, with ITV Netherlands taking over from Lighthearted Entertainment. As a result, viewers can expect a new take on the show with fresh perspectives and a renewed focus on global matchmaking.

Another notable change is the replacement of the former host Terrence J with Kamie Crawford. Kamie is a well-known television personality and model, and her addition to the show has been highly anticipated by fans. With her charm and wit, Kamie brings new energy to the series and promises to keep the audience engaged throughout the season.

As with previous seasons, “Are You the One? A Global Matchmaking Competition” follows a group of singles as they navigate through a series of challenges and tests designed to help them find their perfect match. However, this season will have a global twist, with contestants hailing from different parts of the world. This adds a new dynamic to the show, as it offers an opportunity for participants to explore cultural differences and find love across borders

Are You the One season 9 cast 

Serial No Contestants Name
1 Aqel Carson
2 Brendan Mosca
3 Clayton “Clay” Carey
4 Eduardo Dickson Jr.
5 Hamudi Hasoon
6 Leo Svete
7 Michael “Mikey” Owusu
8 Nathan Grant
9 Oliver “Ollie” Andersen
10 Shamal “Samuel” Khan
11 William “Will” Gagnon
12 Anissa Aguilar
13 Brooke Rachman
14 Ciara “CC” Cortez
15 Courtney Rowe
16 Danielle Bonaparte
17 Dew Pineda
18 Jordanne Deveaux
19 Julia-Ruth Smith
20 Mijntje Lupgens
21 Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe
22 Taylor Kelly

Are You the One season 9 where are they now?

1. Julia-Ruth Smith and Brendan Mosca

Julia-Ruth and Brendan were the season’s first perfect match. While they have not shared any updates about the continuation of their relationship, both of them have shared pictures of their time in the honeymoon suite and talked about the fun they had. Julia-Ruth has recently moved to London and is enjoying her new living situation. She is also active on Twitter and has commented on the show’s events.

2. Brooke Rachman and Oliver “Ollie” Andersen

Brooke and Ollie seem to be thriving, although they have not shared any news about their relationship status. Ollie is the founder of Ping Culture and an experienced expert. He has written several pieces about his fellow cast members, trying to infuse positivity into online tensions. He has maintained a strong connection with many of his fellow cast members, some of whom even promoted his company in a recent Instagram post.

3. Mijntje Lupgens and Shamal “Samuel” Khan

Mijntje and Samuel’s pairing was not conventional, but they have no shortage of fans. They seem to have an amicable bond but have not started a romantic relationship after the show. Samuel works as a sales development representative for CD Recruitment and hopes to become a doctor in the future. He is also in partnership with Spotted Talent Management.

4. Taylor Kelly and Clayton “Clay” Carey

Taylor and Clay have not shared any updates about their relationship status. They have acquired the ire of some of their fellow cast members, especially after Taylor’s argument with Ciara “CC” Cortez was shown to the public. Taylor is a realtor for Preferred Shore and lives in Sarasota, Florida. Clay is a fitness coach and athlete who won the 2020 iterations of the Bay Games and MastersHQ.

5. Anissa Aguilar and Aqel Carson

Anissa and Aqel’s pairing was one that most of the fans were rooting for. They have not confirmed their relationship status, but their bond during the show gives hope that they are still together. Anissa owns The 2112 Project and has talked about the show with her fans through Instagram posts. She announced the release of her book ‘Heal and Reveal’ in March 2023.

6. Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe and Leo Svete

Roz and Leo’s journey on the show garnered much attention from viewers. They have not given any confirmation about their relationship, but it is hoped that they are still together. Roz works as Right First Time Support for Pfizer and is one of the four people behind the Get The Gist Podcast.

7. Jordanne Deveaux and Michael “Mikey” Owusu

Jordanne and Mikey have not shared any news about their romantic lives, but it is likely that they ultimately chose not to pursue a romantic relationship. Jordanne had an on-screen connection with Eduardo Dickson Jr, and Mikey bonded with Ciara “CC” Cortez. However, they do seem to be on amicable terms and follow each other on Instagram.

8. Courtney Rowe and Eduardo Dickson Jr.

Courtney Rowe and Eduardo Dickson Jr. had a new relationship on the show, and it is uncertain whether they are still together. Eduardo’s social media posts suggest that he might still be with Jordanne Deveaux. Eduardo has expressed his opinions about some of his fellow cast members and even challenged some of the male participants to box with him.

9. Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon

Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon have not shared any updates about their relationship status. However, Dew has expressed her dissatisfaction with her on-screen match, Will. Dew even took to social media to express her thoughts on Will and his behaviour on the show.

10. Danielle Bonaparte and Hamudi Hasoon

Danielle Bonaparte and Hamudi Hasoon surprised many with their connection, but they have not given an official statement about their relationship status. Despite this, they are on good terms. Danielle is a former NBA dancer and lives in Phoenix, Arizona, while Hamudi is a model working with JAM Talent and Modelling Agency.

11. Ciara “CC” Cortez and Nathan Grant

Ciara “CC” Cortez and Nathan Grant had a brief interaction on the show, but it is unclear whether they are still together. Given the short amount of time they spent together and CC’s strong connection with Mikey, it is possible that they decided not to pursue a relationship.

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