Argentine player kills himself after assaulting a referee

Williams player Alexander Tapón, 24, committed suicide after assaulting a referee during a youth football tournament in Argentina. The athlete would have been extremely sorry for the act and took his life after the event.

Alexander Tapón committed suicide after assaulting a referee

Alexander Tapón committed suicide after assaulting a referee

Photo: Reproduction / Played10

It all started last Saturday (15). During a match that took place at a sports complex in Sarandí, the player kicked the referee violently, who was knocked unconscious and urgently taken to the hospital. The judge has already recovered and, in a conversation with the newspaper “Telefe”, commented on the attack.

“It could have killed me, it was a brutal kick, I didn’t expect that reaction from the player”, said the referee.

Hours after the referee’s statement, the police found Tapón’s body, shot in the head. Before committing suicide, the player would have left some audio recordings, saying goodbye to the family.

“Thank you for everything, you were always there, but I can’t do it anymore. I’m not strong, I know I’ll go down in history as a coward and a shit, but I can’t stand it. I’m sorry, please”, read one of the audios.

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