Ariana Madix outshines Liev Schreiber and opens up about Raquel’s new email

Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney Shade Liev writers for "Impolite" Pump Rules Diss when Ariana and Kristen Doute confirm Raquel is still emailing Sandoval

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Ariana Madix And Katie Maloney are not happy about it Liev Schreider‘s shady commentary on “Scandoval”.

A week after the actor was spotted proposing the latest Vanderpump Rules The controversy wasn’t really news, with Ariana and Katie speaking out against his “rude” Instagram comment, as Ariana confirmed Rachel Leviss keep sending her mail and Tom Sandovalis the common home of her former partner.

After appearing on See what’s happening live Earlier this month, she said she wasn’t so sure Sandoval and Raquel broke up, noting that Raquel “sent letters to [her] House [four] “Days ago,” Ariana elaborated on the correspondence.

“Yesterday a postcard came to my house [from Arizona and seemingly from Raquel]Ariana revealed to the Los Angeles Times on May 23. “When I got home from recording a podcast yesterday, it was in the mail. I put it on the counter. I mean come on baby put it in an envelope … I don’t know what the deal is, but I don’t think they’re not dating.

Kristen Doute also addressed the mail in her podcast, Sex, love and whatever else is importantvia Entertainment Tonight.

“At See what’s happening liveAriana talks about how Raquel sent a letter. And Andy said, “Did you open it?” And she said, “No, that’s a federal crime.” “I just left it out for him,” she said. “I thought, ‘Good for you.’ I would have opened it 100 percent. I would have put that thing in the microwave, unclipped it and resealed it.’ … Ariana has more self-control than I do.”

According to Kristen, the postcard Raquel sent to Sandoval featured lightning bolts, which are believed to be symbolic of their relationship, and a message that said something like, “I saw that and thought of you.”

“[It was] really bland and superficial,” she remarked. “[And] Girls, if you’re sending stuff to the house Ariana currently lives in, maybe put it in an envelope so she doesn’t have to see it or read it or see the freaking lightning bolts on it.”

As for why she thinks Sandoval is allowing this to happen, Kristen said, “He’s probably thrilled when fan mail is sent to his home.”

Despite the ongoing drama of Scandoval currently unfolding not only off screen but also at the reunion, Ariana keeps her head held high.

“I’m in a position right now where I just want to do everything, and I really enjoy doing it as much as I can,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I want to claim independence, I want to claim success, I want to reclaim my time. I want to claim all the good vibes and positivity and I want to get involved and leave things behind.”

Also during her interview with the Los Angeles Times, Ariana shared her thoughts on Liev’s “Is this news?” diss.

“I was in New York and we looked at this post and that was the top comment. He said, “Is that news?” or whatever. I was literally backstage The view‘ she recalled. “His comment and the replies and the way people went to his site and trolled in the comments and said, ‘Is that news?'” Is that news? Is that news?’ And then he apologized.”

While Ariana admitted she understood where his comment was coming from, she also feels his statement was inappropriate.

“Look, there are so many things happening in the world that really suck. There are wars, there are famines. There are far more important things. But at the same time I understand why people want to escape this pop culture. And it’s news,” she said. “I’m a huge fan of Liev Schreiber’s work, but just as much as if the New York Times did a big portrait of him Ray DonovanI would comment, “Is that news?” No, because I would understand.”

“Just because you don’t know what they’re talking about doesn’t mean you have to be rude,” Katie agreed. “Keep scrolling. Go, Liev. Sorry, love Ray Donovan. I don’t understand when people have to do that.”

As pump rules Fans may recall that Liev apologized to Ariana after fans approached him, including podcast host Danny Pellegrino, who joked that Liev had become his “nemesis.”

“Sincere apologies to you and Ms. Madix. I didn’t know I was in the entertainment department,” he wrote.

Part two of the three parter Vanderpump Rules The Season 10 reunion airs next Wednesday, May 31 at 9/8 on Bravo.

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