Arminia Bielefeld has no chance at Wehen Wiesbaden

Lthe evening headed towards a pure Wiesbaden football party. In the end, however, the celebration was dampened because the fans of Arminia Bielefeld caused a low point in the club’s history on Friday evening. A 20-minute break in the game included.

Club legend Fabian Klos expressed his dismay after the game. With tears he said: “Every stone must be turned. The development that the club has taken in the last 18 months and more is frightening and makes me very sad.” Looking at the second leg, he said: “Now we have to see who is willing to end the season properly bring. That no longer means preventing relegation, but presenting yourself with decency and withstanding the frustration and anger of the people in the stadium.

Wiesbaden’s managing director Nico Schäfer had a clear opinion on the anger of the Arminia fans, which was vented again and again. “Arminia Bielefeld cannot do that without a penalty. We don’t want to be shot at again in the second leg in front of 30,000 spectators,” he said.

ugly pictures

Arminia Bielefeld gave a devastating picture in the relegation first leg on and off the pitch. Sporty, because the class lower SV Wehen Wiesbaden mostly had an easy game in the 4-0 home win. And on the sidelines, because the Bielefeld supporters caused danger and yes, fear and terror. The former professional Markus Babbel said on the broadcasting television station “Sat1”: “It’s not dangerous, it’s criminal.”

After the final whistle, umpteen rockets and smoke pots fell on the deployed police forces. Images were created that illustrated the dark side of football. DSC club legend Fabian Klos had tried several times during the game to have a calming effect on the supporters, who were obviously looking to escalate. Vain.

Arminia’s crash

In the second leg on Tuesday, the Bielefeld professionals are not only threatened with relegation, but also with a kind of gauntlet run in front of their own audience. Because this year, too, the relegation law seems to continue when second division sixteenth and third division third duel. Since the introduction of the final additional shift for the season, the higher-class club has only prevailed in four out of 14 cases.

Third division Dino Wehen Wiesbaden has the best cards to continue the series after the clear victory. Arminia, on the other hand, is threatened more than ever by falling from the elite class directly into the third division – plus a badly damaged relationship with their own fans after the Wiesbaden evening.

The regular season of both teams ended with a moment of shock: The East Westphalians made a poor and bloodless performance on the last day of the second division in the 0:4 in Magdeburg. The Hessians, on the other hand, believed they had already reached their desired goal for a few minutes. The celebrations, with fans storming onto the pitch after the 1-0 home win against Halle, broke the news that competitor VfL Osnabrück had scored two more goals in added time. The direct ascent was snatched away from Wiesbaden in front of the nose.

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