Armored Core Moonlight Sword Location: How to Get the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core Moonlight Sword Location

The Moonlight Sword Location in Armored Core is hidden in a special chest. To find it, you need to play a bit into the IA-CO1W2 Moonlight to get this one you will have to progress until chapter 4 and get to the mission to reach the Coral Convergence mission in Chapter 4. After fighting enemies on a broken bridge, you’ll be attacked by a moving grinder wheel. Once you beat it, look down the bridge to find a chest with the sword, surrounded by more grinder wheels.

After you get the sword, you still need to finish the mission. This means facing a tough boss called IB-01: CEL 240 or Ibis. It’s fast and has tricky attacks with small laser drones. If you’re struggling, try using double miniguns and the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launchers.

Once you defeat the boss, you can equip the Moonlight Sword in the Assembly area at your base. This makes your armored core even stronger for future battles.

How to Get The Moonlight Sword In Armored Core 6?

To get the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6, you need to go on an adventure. This sword is like a futuristic version of a famous big sword found in games by FromSoftware. You might remember getting it in other games like Demon Souls or Bloodborne. To find this sword, you have to find a secret box during a mission called “Reach the Coral Convergence” in Chapter 4 of the game. This mission needs you to have made some progress in the game already. After you fight some enemies called the Arquebus squad, you’ll reach a broken bridge over water. There’s a dangerous wheel-like thing there. Beat it, and you’ll see a chest at the end of the bridge. That’s where the sword is, but watch out for other wheel things nearby. It’s smart to get rid of them quickly or jump down and grab the sword before they can attack.

But that’s not the whole story. To really use the Moonlight Sword, you have to finish the mission. That means dealing with a tough boss called IB-01: CEL 240, or Ibis. This boss is hard because it’s fast, its attacks are tricky to dodge, and it shoots lots of small flying things. If you’re finding it tough, it might help to use two miniguns to hurt it and two big guns that shoot stun needles for even more damage. Once you beat this boss, go back to your base and put the Moonlight Sword on your character in the Assembly section. Then you’ll be ready to use this powerful sword in your fights.


Armored Core 6

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon, released in 2023, is a mecha-centric vehicular combat video game crafted by the renowned FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It marks a significant return to the Armored Core franchise, which had lain dormant since Armored Core: Verdict Day back in 2013.

This long-anticipated installment became available for a range of platforms, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, all on August 25, 2023. It garnered generally favorable reviews from players and critics alike. The heart of Armored Core VI lies in its immersive mecha-based vehicular combat gameplay.

Players step into the shoes of expert pilots who command formidable mechs known as Armored Cores. These mechanical giants can be finely tuned and customized through the utilization of various parts, allowing players to hone and augment their capabilities to suit their unique playstyle and tactical preferences.

Armored Core 6 Gameplay

Armored Core VI places a strong emphasis on mecha-based vehicular combat, immersing players in the role of seasoned pilots who command formidable mechs, referred to as Armored Cores. The game’s standout feature lies in the extensive customization options for these mechs, offering players a wide array of components and parts to enhance and refine their mechanical warriors, enabling them to tailor their capabilities to their preferred playstyle.

One of the defining aspects of the gameplay is the freedom players have when arming their mechs. With available slots on each arm and two on the mech’s back, players can equip a variety of weaponry, granting them strategic flexibility as they engage in intense combat scenarios.

Incorporating a familiar concept from its predecessors, the game introduces a “combat aptitude evaluation program” as the arena mode. Here, players can put their skills to the test and engage in competitive battles against other players. Successful completion of missions within this mode rewards players with in-game currency, known as credits. The amount of credits earned is influenced by the objectives achieved during missions, with potential deductions for incomplete goals.

Unlike earlier entries in the series, Armored Core VI eliminates the debt system, which penalized players by deducting money for failed tasks. This time, players can attempt missions as many times as they desire without the worry of losing currency, providing a more forgiving and immersive gaming experience.

Versions of Armored Core

Armored Core is a series of video games where you control big robots called “Armored Cores” or ACs. The games have been released over the years. Here’s a timeline of the releases:

  • In 1997, the first game called “Armored Core” was released. It set the basics for the series, with missions, customization, and a post-apocalyptic world.
  • In 1998, an expansion called “Project Phantasma” was released. It added an arena mode and let you bring progress from the first game.
  • In 1999, “Master of Arena” was released, finishing the first game’s story and expanding the arena mode.
  • In 2000, “Armored Core 2” was released, moving to the PlayStation 2 and changing the setting to Mars colonization.
  • In 2001, an expansion called “Another Age” for Armored Core 2 was released, with new controls and online play.
  • In 2002, “Armored Core 3” was released, rebooting the series with a new story and more features.
  • In 2003, “Silent Line: Armored Core” was released as an expansion to Armored Core 3.
  • In 2004, “Armored Core: Nexus” was released, introducing new mechanics and LAN multiplayer.
  • In 2005, “The Last Raven” concluded the Armored Core 3 story arc.
  • In 2006, “Armored Core 4” was released, rebooting the series again and adding online multiplayer.
  • In 2008, “For Answer” was released, expanding Armored Core 4 with cooperative play.
  • In 2012, “Armored Core V” focused on online multiplayer battles.
  • In 2013, “Verdict Day” continued the online focus and added AI companions.
  • In 2023, “Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon” was released, with new features and improvements.

The games are about completing missions for money, customizing your robot, and sometimes fighting against other players. Some games let you continue your progress from previous ones. You can play alone or with others, either split-screen, linked consoles, or online

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