Ashley Graham’s mind was ‘traumatized’ because Barbies weren’t like her

Ashley Graham was “traumatized” because there weren’t any Barbies that looked like her as a kid.

Ashley Graham now has her very own Barbie replica

Ashley Graham now has her very own Barbie replica

The body positivity advocate believes that if the popular Mattel doll had been more inclusive and made in a wider range of body shapes, she would have had better self-esteem at a young age.

Speaking on the show Today, she told Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, “If I had had a Barbie as a kid that matched my body shape, I don’t think my mind would have been so traumatized.”

“And I wouldn’t have looked at myself in the mirror and thought, ‘Why do I have this and she have that?’ “

To mark Ashley’s new job hosting The Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge, Mattel has created a doll based on her and the 35-year-old model – who has 3-year-old Isaac and 18-month-old twins Roman and Malachi with her husband Justin Ervin – is thrilled , although manufacturers could not get everything as they wished.

She said: “She has big thighs. She has a round butt. She has less belly fat.

“The only thing I asked about was cellulite,” she explained. “But they couldn’t do anything about cellulite.”

Ashley has “become more confident” over the years and having her children has changed the way she sees herself and her body.

She said: “Because I have children, my body has been everywhere. It was this, it was that and then back again.

“I could just say thank you to my body for doing so much. And being able to share my story has enabled so many women to share their story and find confidence.

“I have loose skin on my stomach. I have cellulite all over my body. I have stretch marks all over and that’s okay because my body is my body and I’ve embraced it. I want little girls to know that.”

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