Asics launches sandals made with 3D printer for post-workout – 07/19/2023 – Na Corrida

A football match lasts 90 minutes. The passion for the heart team, no. Fans consume news, engage in conversations and show their love for the club by parading shirts and accessories throughout the week, with or without a game.

The challenge of every consumer industry is to increase its presence in people’s lives beyond the moments of sports practice. It goes for football, and it goes for running.

An amateur runner rarely trains more than 1 hour a day – I know, there are long workouts, but there are also rest days. The goal of sports material suppliers is to be present for the other 23 hours, participating in the athlete’s routine.

Asics made an interesting move in this regard.

The Japanese company has launched a slipper designed to help runners recover after training. The Actibreeze 3D Sandal is plastic and made on 3D printers.

According to the company, the shoe helps maintain the temperature of the feet, in addition to being more breathable and practically not retaining moisture through perspiration.

“The Actibreeze 3D Sandal represents our belief that innovation in athletic footwear should not be limited to what the athlete wears when training or competing. We want to continue exploring new ways to further optimize post-run recovery and relaxation for both the body and mind of our athletes,” said AJ Andrassy, ​​General Manager of Performance Products at Asics.

I’ve been using Asics’ tech flip flops for a few weeks now, and the perception is that they really are more breathable than the rest. I also feel that it helps maintain the temperature of the feet, even on the coldest days. The act of walking seems to be less fluid – perhaps because the slipper is large and well structured. But the biggest positive point is the feeling that there is an activation of the muscles in the soles of the feet during movement. That is, when walking, I feel a mixture of massage and exercise on the sole of my foot.

The 3D Sandal represents an innovation, but it still needs to overcome two important barriers to become popular. The first is aesthetic: the slipper is large, monochrome, made of plastic and takes up space. Visually, it goes against the grain of the minimalist “Havaianas look” that Brazil enshrined, in addition to not bringing the richness of colors normally associated with the world of running. Another point is the price: the Actibreeze 3D Sandal is sold for BRL 800 – a value higher than some tennis shoes available on the market.

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