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After the deadly shots in Asperg, a police special task force arrested a man. As a police spokesman said on Sunday, the man was taken away from a residential building early on Saturday evening. There is a connection to the act early Saturday morning in which an 18-year-old was killed. The spokesman did not want to say whether the arrested person is a suspect, referring to the ongoing investigation. The “Bild” newspaper first reported on the arrest.

On Saturday, the public prosecutor’s office and the police gave little information about the case. Just this much: shots were fired on Saturday night, an 18-year-old died and a person of the same age survived with serious injuries. Scores of people alerted the police after hearing the shots. Details of the course of the crime were not available from the authorities on Sunday morning.

Investigators are hoping for clues as to possible getaway vehicles from the public. A police helicopter was also used in the search. A special commission was set up to clear up the case as quickly as possible. The 40 officers of the Soko “Goethe” would be supported by the State Criminal Police Office.

Asperg is around 20 kilometers from Stuttgart. In the past few weeks, there have been repeated incidents of shots being fired at people around the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. According to their own statements, the investigators are examining a connection between the crime in Asperg and other shots in the region.

According to Asperg’s mayor Christian Eiberger (independent), the city’s population is in shock after the crime. “This is a new dimension of violence that I could not have imagined,” said Eiberger. The crime scene is in the middle of town. The crime scene, a gravel parking lot, was not known as a typical meeting place for young people, said Eiberger. He was alerted by the fire brigade during the night and got an idea of ​​the situation in the early hours of the morning. It is important that the population’s sense of security is restored.

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