Asteroid City Trailer has fans praising Wes Anderson before they’ve even seen the film

“Imagine if your movie was so stacked that you forgot to include Margot Robbie and Edward Norton in the trailer,” notes commentator Cawlun, a clear credit to the massive cast of “Asteroid City,” which also includes Wes Anderson -Newcomers include Robbie and Tom Hanks. But Jeong Min Oh has a theory that Robbie and Norton’s absence from the trailer is more significant than mere coincidence: “Does this trailer suggest that Margot Robbie and Edward Norton will be the aliens?”

Time will tell if this theory holds true, but in the meantime, fans seem to be really enjoying the signature Wes Anderson visuals in the Asteroid City trailer. As commentator Nabeel Mirza puts it, “Wes Anderson’s style is so distinctive that you can tell by the thumbnail that it’s his film. I’m glad we’re here like all of Hollywood.”

On Reddit, u/conduxit succinctly sums up Anderson’s unique dynamic: “Wes Anderson Low-Key has the best cast of any movie director, but he’s so appealing to indie fans. I am really looking forward to this.”

One commenter, dubbed Nimex Draconia, even praised the very physical footage Anderson used to create the imagery in the trailer: “I just want to say, as someone who works at Kodak, I’m so thrilled that Wes is showing our Movie used!!”

If you’re one of those Wes Anderson fans waiting for the release of “Asteroid City,” you probably already know that it’s set to hit theaters on June 16, 2023.

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