At Least 1 Evicted Houseguest Will Return

Big Brother Season 25 is here, and the multiverse is already in full swing. Host Julie Chen Moonves introduced the cast during the 90-minute premiere, and the 16 new cast members were divided into four teams. The multiverse theme certainly isn’t the only surprise coming this season. Here’s why Big Brother Season 25 spoilers state at least one evicted houseguest will likely return.

[Spoiler alert: Possible Big Brother Season 25 spoilers ahead.]

‘Big Brother’ Season 25 spoilers state an evicted houseguest is likely to return

Big Brother Season 25 will have its fair share of evictions, but early spoilers state that fans will likely see at least one evicted cast member return.

So, why the speculation that an evicted cast member will return? Season 25 is slated to run for 100 days — the longest season in history. Big Brother Gossip, a spoiler account on Twitter, noted that every season of Big Brother that ran for over 90 days saw at least one houseguest return.

“I personally think 100 days is too many, 70-80 is enough,” Big Brother Gossip tweeted. “Also, based on previous seasons, we will see at a minimum one evicted (banished) Houseguest re-enter the game. That has been the case in every season longer than 90 days (and a few others).”

The account noted that they hope this doesn’t happen in season 25, as returning houseguests have an unfair advantage over the houseguests who remained in the game. “Returnees with newbies have a huge advantage because they’ve already played, know the routine, and the new HGs tend to have a certain amount of hero worship,” they wrote. “It’s just not fair [in my humble opinion].”

Production hasn’t confirmed or denied this speculation, so this season could run for 100 days without returning players. But history proves otherwise.

Fans believe the season may add another houseguest, making the total 18

While Big Brother Season 25 spoilers note that fans will likely see a returning houseguest, viewers may also see one additional houseguest, bringing the total to 18. The premiere introduced the 16 original houseguests plus returning legend Cirie Fields. And some fans think one more cast member is waiting to join in the early weeks of the game.

“I think it’s possible we have an 18th houseguest or maybe even more than that, given it’s going to be 100 days,” a fan on Reddit wrote. “I think it would be interesting if the multiverse opened up for intruders for the first time in BB USA. There have been players added after a few weeks before, but to be fair, it was twins who were swapping and coaches who lived in the house.”

“The memory wall still not showing everyone makes me the most suspicious,” another fan wrote.

Big Brother Season 25 airs Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on CBS.

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