At pizza time, bolsonaristas and lulistas unite – 03/31/2023

While society and families fight for Lula and Bolsonaro, their allied politicians unite around common interests. Let it be very clear, interests of politicians, not Brazil.

A report by Rainier Bragon in Folha de S. Paulo shows first hand PEC 9/2023, which intends to reform another PEC, from 2022. Right in the first article, it prohibits any punishment for irregularities in the application of the Electoral Fund until the SPEC.

Simply put, the PEC would have to pass Congress, be approved and enacted in order to come into force. From that moment on, all irregularities that exist and are in court would simply be dissolved in the air.

Among them, the mandatory allocation of the party fund to women and black candidates. There is a minimum percentage that, by law, must be allocated exclusively to these candidates. And here we are talking about public money, which comes from the taxpayer.

There are those who agree with these quotas and there are those who do not. But it was the National Congress itself, the politicians elected by the parties, who decided to create these quotas. Now they themselves do not comply and are subject to sanctions that they themselves created.

Faced with this reality, simply add up all the differences that politicians themselves tell voters are irreconcilable. In the Chamber, bolsonaristas and lulistas deputies are united in search of an amnesty for their parties.

There are also other sanctions that would be amnestied. Likewise, they were all created and approved by politicians who now want to get rid of the burden.

The first point that draws attention is the union of bolsonaristas and lulistas around the theme. They are political forces that, during the last two elections, behaved as if they were absolutely opposite. This political movement has merged with a phenomenon of toxic polarization that is completely tearing apart the social fabric.

According to V-Dem, the democracy observatory at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, toxic polarization is not political polarization, a common phenomenon. It is about something else, the moral distrust of voters of another political tendency. Each group believes that the other is the representation of evil. Even more serious, each group believes that it is intrinsically good and, therefore, finds excuses for its own actions of intolerance and violence.

Furthermore, the National Congress is paying the price of legislative spectacularization. We do not make laws with science and efficiency in mind, but with goodwill and good intentions. Fifth-rate moralizing dominates public debate and is an endless source of free marketing for politicians.

This was the decision to end campaign financing by companies. Without there being any concrete element, the population was assured that the measure would contain corruption. He finished? So it is.

The need to include women and blacks in politics was also treated in the same way. There are several structural measures to diversify the reality of parties and political representation. They opted for the pen stroke and only the pen stroke, to institute candidacy quotas and allocate public campaign funds to them.

It’s a golden opportunity for the good guy and the bad guy speech. Some say that defenders of quotas will resolve inequality that cannot be overcome that way. Others will make the speech in defense of personal merit, even knowing that this has nothing to do with navigating our party structures.

Measures are needed so that the political environment stops being so violent especially for women, but they are not so simple nor do they yield so much marketing. It is necessary to implement other measures so that blacks have a voice in party structures dominated by caciques, but it is something so complex that it does not receive good publicity either.

Ideally, the National Congress would have the courage to attack the already known problems of party structures and inequality. Everything indicates that we will continue in the same vein, deciding casually and granting amnesty when it does not work out.

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