Athletico-PR turns in extra time and wins the classic against Coritiba for the Brasileirão

May 14
– 20:36

(updated at 8:42 pm)

Athletico-PR came close to losing the classic against Coritiba this Saturday, but managed to turn it around. For the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship, at Arena da Baixada, Hurricane won by 3 to 2. The visitors scored with Marcelino Moreno and Robson, while the home team scored with Pablo and Willian.

Hurricane reached 12 points in the competition and took fifth place. Now, Athletico-PR is facing the duel against Botafogo for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, on Wednesday, at Arena da Baixada. Coritiba continued in the relegation zone. With 2 points, the team kept the second place in the Brasileirão. Still without any victory in the championship, the team returns to the field on Saturday to face Atlético-MG, in Couto Pereira.

The game

The first big opportunity of the game came with 3 minutes of the ball rolling, in a play by Athletico-PR. Christian attempted a placed finish and stamped the post. The visitors responded in the 19th minute, when Marcelino Moreno opened the scoring with a move down the left. Inside the area, the midfielder took advantage of a rebound, took it to the middle and hit low. With a lot of people up front, goalkeeper Bento was unable to defend, 1-0 for Coritiba.

After scoring, Coxa closed in on defense and, with a line of five defenders, offered a lot of resistance to Athletico-PR’s attack. The home team began to dominate ball possession, but failed to create clear chances to score and the match went to halftime with the visitors’ advantage on the scoreboard.

The second half started better for Athletico-PR. At 3 minutes, the hosts advanced on the left with Fernando, who crossed low on the first post. Pablo was on the ball and threw himself to divert to the bottom of the net. The defensive proposal began to punish Coritiba, which was pressured by the Hurricane.

Athletico-PR came very close to turning the game around in the 11th minute. Pablo took chances from outside the area and Gabriel Vasconcelos fell to defend. Still on the ground, the goalkeeper managed to stop Erick’s goal on the rebound. At 20, Coritiba was back ahead. Hurricane missed the ball exit. Zé Roberto recovered and played for Robson to finish. The attacker hit first, in the lower right corner, and scored the second for Coxa.

Coritiba’s victory was very close, but in the 45th minute Willian put an end to his rivals’ celebration. Vitor Roque deflected after a lateral kick and the attacker appeared to drop a bomb towards the goal. There was still time for Athletico-PR to turn around. Coxa’s defense failed, Vitor Roque won the challenge against Henrique and left in front of the goal. The striker played for Canobbio, who knocked into the empty net in the 52nd minute.



Local: Arena da Baixada, in Curitiba (PR)

Date: May 14, 2023, Sunday

Time: 18:30 (from Brasilia)

Referee: Flavio Rodrigues de Souza (SP-Fifa)

Assistants: Alex Eng Ribeiro (SP-Fifa) and Evandro de Melo Lima (SP)

VAR: Rodrigo Guarizo Ferreira do Amaral (SP-Fifa)

Yellow cards: Fernando and Fernandinho (Athletico-PR); Bruno Gomes, Marcos Vinícius and Marcelino Moreno (Coritiba)

Goals: Pablo, at 3′ of 2Q, Willian, at 45′ of 2Q, and Canobio, at 52′ of 2Q (Athletico-PR); Marcelino Moreno, at 19′ of Q1, and Robson, at 20′ of Q2 (Coritiba)

ATHLETICO-PR: Benedict; Khellven, Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno and Fernando; Fernadinho, Erick and Christian (Canobbio); Terans (Vitor Bueno), Vitor Roque and Pablo (Willian)

Technician: Paulo Turra

CORITIBA: Gabriel Vasconcelos; Marcos Vinícius, Bruno Viana, Henrique, Chancellor and Jamerson (Victor Luis); Liziero (Matheus Bianqui), Bruno Gomes and Marcelino Moreno (Kaio César); Zé Roberto (Rodrigo Pinho) and Robson (Boschilia)

Technician: Antonio Carlos Zago

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