Attack is our current sore; tightening security does not solve

after uA teacher died and five other people were injured in a stabbing attack at a state school in the city of São Paulo, the columnist for UOL Madeleine Lacsko recalled at the UOL News that there was a lot of demand to put metal detectors and child searches at the entrance to the school when I worked in the government. According to her, just strengthening security would not solve the problem.

People had a demand for school rounds, metal detectors and searches of children, all of which would make the daily life of a school unfeasible and would not be enough to avoid something like that”.

These are not phenomena that Public Security handles”.

She also recalled that there is a project approved at the Alesp (Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo) so that teachers undergo training with a psychologist and know how to identify these cases in advance, but that is not enough.

[O projeto é] So that teachers have this support from psychologists to begin to understand which cases you pay attention to, because we pay attention to what bothers you. The one who is very quarrelsome, confronts, is violent and disturbs the class, those have attention. Sometimes the problem is what’s quiet; only he is quiet in a way that we think is normal, but a psychologist and a psychiatrist you know guide that kind of stillness you need to be aware of”.

Unfortunately, we need to keep the following in mind: even if all this is done, we will not eliminate this type of plague that is the phenomenon of our times”.

What happened

  • The attack was committed by a 13-year-old student, 8th grade student, who was apprehended and sent to the 34th DP; The case was registered around 7:20 am at EE Thomazia Montoro, in the Vila Sônia neighborhood, west zone;
  • On the teenager’s cell phone, information on attacks in other schools in the country was found, which indicates that the crime was planned. Colleagues claim that the student had participated in a fight last week with other students;
  • The student was immobilized by a teacher with a rear naked choke before the police arrived, according to witnesses heard by the PM;
  • Teacher Elisabeth Tenreiro, 71, rescued in serious condition, died, according to the State Department of Education; Elisabeth would have broken up a fight between the apprehended student and another colleague last week;
  • São Paulo declared three days of mourning for the teacher’s death. The school will remain closed tomorrow.
Thomazia Montoro State School attack map - Arte/UOL - Arte/UOL
Image: Art/UOL

Access of young people to hate networks must be investigated, says former secretary of SP

Former Secretary of Education of São Paulo, Alexandre Schneider, stated that it is necessary to prioritize the investigation of hate networks accessed by children and adolescents.

The big question is how much could an event like this be avoided, as the police cannot be everywhere at once. Strictly speakingthe ideal would be for the Civil Police to carry out a deep investigation into the networks of hate that exist and that are often accessed by these boys and girls, teaching a series of things that are not appropriate”.

Tales: Government has to understand that it needs to vaccinate the virus of violence in society

Columnist Tales Faria stated that it is necessary for the Lula government (PT) to understand the presence of violence in society.

Violence is a contagious disease and it is infecting people, more and more we see cases of violence. We are in violent times that resulted from a violent president with violent themes on his agenda, which was Jair Bolsonaro. We’ve gone through times of violence.”

We’re going to have to get over it. The current government needs to understand that there is a wound in today’s society called violence, and this should not be encouraged either. We all have to think of a way to pacify society.”

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