‘Attenzione, Pickpocket’: thefts in Venice – 07/18/2023 – #Hashtag

“ATTENZIONE, PICKPOCKET! ATTENZIONE, BORSEGGIATRICI!” (Attention, pickpockets, in English and Italian).

The TikTok profile @cittadininondistratti2 (non-distracted citizens) has gone viral in recent days by warning Venice tourists about pickpockets. It accumulates 380 thousand followers and 11 million likes.

The videos are almost always the same. The person behind the camera aims the phone at an alleged pickpocket and starts screaming intimidatingly. The profiles of the alleged pickpockets are also similar. They are young women, well dressed, and often in groups. The alleged offenders run away or hide their faces.

The author of the videos, identified as Monica, 57, belongs to a group of volunteers who have been working in the Italian tourist city for 30 years. Videos on TikTok were the latest way to draw attention to the issue.

“We decided to make our videos viral to make tourists aware. There is a lack of prevention and information about what is happening in the city and we are happy that these videos are letting people see the problem in Venice and throughout Italy” , said in an interview with Newsweek.

Although European cities are relatively safe, in areas of concentration of tourists from places like Venice, Barcelona and Paris, these actions are common and target wallets, cell phones and documents.

Venice authorities, however, do not recommend fair play. In one of the videos, a woman holds one of the alleged pickpockets, which soon breaks free and runs away.

In an interview with Deutsche Welle, police officer Diego Brentani stated that it is forbidden to put these recordings on the internet, “especially if the people are minors. Physical aggression is prohibited, even if those portrayed are known pickpockets. As they are not caught in the act, it applies the presumption of innocence is upheld. A citizen cannot simply attack another citizen”.

Monica’s profile has been taken down a few times and some videos have been taken down for “violating community standards”.

Monica’s videos are already trending on TikTok.

In an effort to go viral, young people record themselves playing with the pickpocket.

As one comment warns, “be careful making memes with this audio, people might mistake them on the street”.

And the crowd was also creative in the memes.

Attention, fishpocket.

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