Australia: Police find missing people – they only have one wish

Five days in the bush

Australia: Woman survives in the wild thanks to a bottle of wine

05/09/2023, 10:29 am

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Giant poisonous toad found in Australia

Giant poisonous toad found in Australia

Australian game wardens have spotted an unusually large cane toad in a national park. Native to South America, the poisonous toads were once introduced to control pests in agriculture; the effects on local wildlife are devastating.

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In Australia, a woman gets lost in the bush and survives thanks to a bottle of wine. After her rescue, she has only one wish

A 48-year-old woman got lost in Australia Woman with her car in the hardly inhabited outback. The chances of survival are slim, but thanks to her unusual food, she lasts for five days before the police finally find her. A bottle Wine and a handful of candy saved her life.

Lillian Ip was a three-hour drive from her hometown of Melbourne when her car got stuck on a holiday trip, according to the Victoria State Police Department. 60 kilometers from the nearest settlement and without cell phone reception, Lillian stayed by her car and fed herself of some sweets she had packed as snacks for the trip.

Wine donated liquid

It was even bleaker without it Water about their fluid balance: only one bottle Wine, which she brought with her as a present for her mother, saved her from dying of thirst. She doesn’t even drink alcohol, as she revealed to the TV channel “9news”. When her family didn’t hear from her, they finally called the police and a search began. Also read: Mayan Calendar: Researchers Uncover Ancient Mystery

According to police, Lillian kept warm at night with the heater in her car and a blanket. “I thought I would be out here die“, she told the station “9news”. On the fourth day of her ordeal, she wrote a letter to her family, convinced that she would not survive.

After the rescue, the woman had only one wish

She was saved the next day: a police helicopter was circling overhead, looking for her. The police released the video footage showing that moment. “I was about to give up,” Lillian recalled. In the video, she waves her arms to get the helicopter’s attention. Shortly thereafter, police cars appear.

Police praised their behavior: One of their rescuers, Sergeant Martin Torpey, said it was very wise to stay with the car so rescuers had a chance to find them.

When police officers on the ground approached her, the overjoyed Lillian had only two wishes: water – and a cigarette. Luckily a cop had one Cigarette for her, as Lillian later related. She learned from the experience. “I’m an adventurous person, but next time I’ll be more prepared.” (os)

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