Ayrton Lucas is the best in Flamengo by Vitor Pereira, the coach-courage – 01/04/2023

Flamengo’s first goal was very reminiscent of Manchester City’s draw against Liverpool on Saturday morning. The context is the same. Play that starts on the right and ends on the left. The difference was that Gundogan made the pivot and Grealish provided the assist and, from Pedro’s pivot, to Ayrton Lucas’s submission, there was Everton Cebolinha’s pass.

The intelligence to start the play on one side and finish on the opposite side was in both teams, Guardiola and Vítor Pereira. No comparison between the genius of one and the other, but the merit of the move is the team and the coach.

Vitor Pereira remains a man of courage. Without any physical problem, Gabigol was on the bench. He may have been spared for his Libertadores debut, but resting the idol at Fla-Flu, with the pressure of his first three months on the job, would be too risky.

Vitor Pereira is like Duda, the character from Irmãos Coragem, who played for Flamengo. Technical Courage.

Last year, when Abel was criticized, Fluminense scored 2-0 in the first leg, against Flamengo. Tricolor was not a favorite and ended up champion. This time, with Vítor Pereira questioned, Vitor Pereira responds with the inversion of the final score of a year ago.

But your choices worked. A little, because Arias missed the best chance of the first half, when he shot to Santos’ defense, after a pass error by Gérson.

Flamengo grew in the second half, after the entry of almost the entire luxury reserve bank. With Gabigol, Filipe Luís, Vidal and Éverton Ribeiro rested, the team reached the second goal.

Ayrton Lucas, man of the match, crossed for Pedro to score and tie with Germán Cano as Brazil’s top scorer.

Flamengo beats Fla-Flu with debatable and successful decisions by Vítor Pereira. It’s very close to its 38th state trophy.

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