Bad scenes after the final whistle: Bochum goalkeeper clashes with fan

There was a lot of fire in the relegation duel between VfL Bochum and VfB Stuttgart (2:3). A few minutes before the end of the game, there was a violent pack formation on the sidelines, referee Frank Willenborg (Osnabrück) had to issue four yellow cards. For one player, the trouble went even further after the end of the game: Bochum goalkeeper Manuel Riemann clashed violently with a fan in the main stand.

The emotionally charged game in Bochum’s Vonovia Ruhrstadion had just ended a few moments when Riemann made a beeline for the grandstand. There he fought an intense battle of words with a Bochum fan, the two had to be kept apart by several spectators in order not to become physical.

Manuel Riemann apparently insulted by a Bochum fan

What exactly happened was initially unclear. “I don’t know myself what happened,” said attacker Philipp Hofmann afterwards at DAZN, but emphasized: “It was a single person in the audience. We are a team, we fight for each other. We shouldn’t be bothered by something like that.”


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The rumor spread on social networks that Riemann had been insulted by the trailer – mind you from his own fan camp. This was confirmed a little later by local journalists. According to the “image”, the words “wanker” and “son of a bitch” were mentioned. It may have been about the interim 3-1 by ex-HSV professional Josha Vagnoman (63rd), where Riemann misjudged the cross.

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“It’s not a nice situation, definitely,” said DAZN expert Tim Borowski. “You can see that there are a lot of emotions here, maybe a little too much. It’s a shame because we saw a great relegation duel.”

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