Bali: These new rules of conduct apply to tourists

Holiday in Indonesia

Bali: These new rules of conduct apply to tourists

Vacation: Why flights are becoming more expensive

Vacation: Why flights are becoming more expensive

After the end of the corona pandemic, many consumers are looking forward to a summer abroad. However, the flights there are becoming more expensive than in recent years.

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In recent months, Bali has repeatedly expelled tourists from the island. Vacationers are to be tamed with new rules of conduct.

Berlin. No more immoral behavior: Bali wants to put a stop to vacationers. After several incidents of unmannerly behavior, the regional government issued a special “Tourist Card” issued with the applicable code of conduct. Together with the visa, the rules at the airport should be attached to the passport. The guide will be handed out to all arriving travelers at the airport on the Indonesian holiday island, said island governor Wayan Koster on Thursday.

Bali: Holidaymakers must observe these rules of conduct

tourists did not give enough credit to temple etiquette and dress code and etiquette around sacred landmarks like banyan trees.

It is explicitly forbidden:

  • Defile holy places, idols and religious symbols – for example by climbing holy buildings
  • Taking nude photos in sacred places or in front of idols or with religious symbols

To protect everyone, the guide warns that traffic rules should be observed and that scooters and cars should only be rented from legal providers. In addition, the authority advises to refrain from swear words, vulgar language and aggressive behavior. The goal is reputation and image bali to protect.

Bali: Because of this behavior, tourists had to leave the island

The background is several incidents in the past few months: After a Russian woman posted a photo on social networks in which she had snuggled up naked to a famous banyan tree, she had to leave the country. This tree species is from Hindus all over the world – including the Balinese – as sacred.

A tourist from Russia had previously had to leave Indonesia after traveling with bare torso posed on the volcano Gunung Agung, revered as the seat of the gods. Both tourists had apologized for their behavior.

Nicknamed the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is known for its unique culture. It’s the only island of Indonesia, which is predominantly Hindu. The beliefs of the inhabitants are unique and very complex. When visiting temples, for example, a sarong (long skirt for men and women) is usually mandatory. (soj/dpa)

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