Barber shares four style mistakes that will give your face “10 or 15 years.”

Hairstyles can unintentionally add years to someone’s appearance or make them look younger.

Here are four common mistakes women make that can add “10 or 15 years” to a face, according to one hair expert.

1. Do not groom long hair

Anyone of any age can have long hair, but without proper care, hair can look flat and end up with split ends.

Hair expert Ghanima Abdullah advises, “As your hair thins, try to keep the length between shoulder and ear length.”

She says it makes hair look “fuller and more youthful.” On the other hand, if your hair is “too long, it looks even thinner, which can age you significantly.”

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2. Not controlling frizz

As women age, estrogen levels naturally drop and “hair can become finer,” meaning it’s “prone to frizz,” Ghanima said.

In order to combat frizz and increase hair volume, it is important to choose products that do not weigh hair down.

The expert suggested trying a “leave-in conditioner,” but making sure it’s “light” to “coat strands of hair” and “avoid bubbling.”

Additionally, she says that “a few drops of jojoba oil after blow-drying can have the same effect.”

3. Styling the body

If you straighten or blow dry your hair frequently, avoid straightening the roots of your hair as this can make your hair look thinner.

Ghanima explained, “If you want your curls to be straight, start your straightener in the middle,” as it “retains some of the volume.”

“If you iron the roots, your hair may look too flat and therefore older,” added the expert.

Another pro tip she shared: when straightening your hair, lift it up from the root instead of down for more body.

4. Bleaching to the roots

Bleaching or dyeing “to the roots” is an absolute no-no, according to Ghanima, especially if you want to look younger and prevent hair loss or hair loss.

Ghanima explained why hairdressers shouldn’t do this: “If the hair dye or bleach gets on the scalp, it can cause damage to the scalp, which can then lead to hair loss.”

To avoid this and “improper bleaching and coloring,” Ghanima recommends “having chemical treatments done at the salon” rather than doing them yourself at home.

Hair loss can also be caused by “other chemical treatments like perms if done incorrectly,” she told She Finds.

Post source: Express

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