Barbie and Oppenheimer: there is no Mission Impossible in the movies – 07/24/2023 – Becky S. Korich

“Barbie in the real world? That’s impossible,” says the character Gloria in the movie BARBIE. “That’s impossible” says the hero of OPPENHEIMER, when he discovers that German scientists have split the atom.

No. There is no MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for cinema. The most improbable double feature happened last week, when the two films premiered on the same day. It was a MASTER MOVE by Paramount and Warner Studios. The question was “when”, not “if”, to watch these CROSSED STORIES.

It was a RISKY CONDUCT, which could overshadow one of the two films, but it gave a MATCH POINT: it yielded a BLIND WEDDING and packed cinemas, while HOLLYWOODLAND is on strike.

THE NETWORKS DILEMMA: which one to watch first? The most impressionable preferred to watch “Oppenheimer” first and then “Barbie”. Science lovers reversed the order. The most romantic opted for the DOUBLE DOSE and completed the double session by watching Barbie twice. All-in, head-to-toe hot pink; in the stomach, acarajé and pink coxinha. It was the highest grossing since Covid, after PARASITE made us live THE SPELL OF TIME and wake up two years at the same day and time. As always, we found A MASTER OUTLET to survive culturally and compensated for the lack of CINEMA DARKNESS with series. They even served as CORINGA, but nothing replaces the unique collective experience of CINEMA PARADISO.

Those who expected to see THE BEVERLY HILLS PATRICINHA incarnated in a doll were disappointed. The pink world is intercepted by a yellow smile of a depressed and questioning Barbie. BEAUTY INTERRUPTED by more philosophical questions. In the midst of an existential crisis, Barbie has two options: remain on the plastic surface of her body or travel to the real world and experience THE SKIN THAT LIVES IN IT —almost a DÉJÀ VU of her friend THE LITTLE MERMAID.

On the other hand, whoever expected to see in Oppenheimer WILD SPELLS of an EVIL FAVORITE incarnated in the father of the atomic bomb, saw on the screen a human and even naive side of a BRILLIANT MIND. The scientists who took part in the study, some Nobel Prize winners, were THE AVENGERS of the INGLOURIOUS BASTARDS of the Nazi regime. But if Opp, as the physicist was called by the GOOD FELLOWS, made a trip BACK TO THE FUTURE and understood that his creation would change the world, would he have continued with his intention? Or, if not for him, would others come CLOSER – TOO CLOSE to an even worse invention? A mystery that not even SHERLOCK HOLMES could decipher. Such are the THINGS OF LIFE, as THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON teaches: “life can only be understood looking back, but it can only be lived looking forward”.

Despite the AMERICAN BEAUTY and blonde (and thin) character of Barbie –the stunning BEAUTIFUL WOMAN Margot Robbie—, the film works with diversity and makes a point of reminding viewers of this several times, bumping into some clichés. However, we know that out here it is not possible to play LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: every person who deviates from these standards is seen as A STRANGER AMONG US. THE MEN WHO LOVED WOMEN, poor things, are portrayed in the film with only one stereotype: THE IDIOT. Shallow, unintelligent, kiss-ass, superficial, accessories.

Despite the MEETINGS AND MISSINGS, Barbie represents female complexity, which is not just about nails and HAIR; and Oppenheimer represents an indisputably patriarchal society, but with a certain beauty, proving that BRUTS LOVE TOO (mistranslated title from original SHANE). By the way, applause for the translation of the names of both films, which finally got it right, proving that O SECREDO is all about not inventing.

With such distinct ELEMENTS, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” show us how, in the depths of the darkest realities, we never fail to stumble upon fantasies.

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