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For them: Fun brake

A few days ago “Barbie – The Movie” premiered in Berlin, although the stars didn’t come from Hollywood, but the German celebrities did. The dress code pink brought great results, Natascha Ochsenknecht for example, who wore a fun ensemble with huge sequins and a cartoon bag in the shape of a milk carton. Or Sylvie Meis! She wasn’t wearing anything particularly pink, but she was wearing something very tight, and she looks confusingly like Barbie anyway. So, even without Ryan Gosling, it was always a celebration of good humor in this country where everyone always wants to be taken seriously. Nearly.

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Did Hannah Herzsprung only come because the blockbuster is, after all, a film by respected indie director Greta Gerwig, or what? She wore an admittedly very finely tailored combination of strapless top and pencil skirt on the pink carpet with a decided lack of fun – looked like Dior. In order not to completely show the middle finger to the dress code, she held a classic Dior bag in powder pink in her hand. But this deadly gray, this Quiet Luxury, as expensive understatement is called today, and the assumption that you can never go wrong with this form of sublime taste prove to be a big mistake here. In it, the actress looks like those vain party poopers who don’t feel like going to a theme party, but come anyway. Good style means, firstly, at least loosely keeping in touch with the environment and, secondly, relaxing. Otherwise, the verdict is: expensive dress down the road.

For him: Candy Crash

Allegedly because of the strike by the US actors’ guild, the stars of the “Barbie” film were unable to fly to Berlin for the German premiere at short notice. That’s a pity, of course, and a bit as if the birthday child didn’t come to the party that the colleagues had specially prepared. The self-amusement that is then necessary always seems a bit dull, and you could also get this feeling on the pink Barbie carpet in Berlin. There, a rather homely mix of German cinema fans made every effort to be the last to embody a bit of pink power and absolute crazyness. Unfortunately, you don’t really learn that kind of thing at the Ernst Busch acting school.

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It’s a good thing that at least Bill Kaulitz was there, because first of all he lives in Los Angeles from time to time and secondly he’s one of the few local celebrities to whom the term flamboyant fits. His crossdressing outfit with a four-day beard and sequined suit, with elaborate nail art and a barbie bag was what you would mark in elementary school with “very hard” and asterisks. Harry Styles did something like that three years ago, it was a little bigger then. But of course, without Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Bill could easily shoot the bird with it. Nevertheless, this bird of paradise look also seemed a bit overdosed and raises questions. Is Kaulitz really such a big Barbie fan? Did he want to draw attention to himself with the candy crash outfit or, and this is perhaps the most obvious thing, has the man simply been very bored for years?

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