Barbie star Margot Robbie says she refused to listen to The Beatles as a child

Over 60 years after The Beatles became superstars, parents are still making their kids listen to The Beatles. While the band is less appealing to the modern generation, younger audiences still fall in love with the band. However, one person who was not interested in The Beatles as a child was Margot Robbie, who refused to listen to the band out of loyalty to her favorite musician.

Margot Robbie refused to listen to The Beatles out of loyalty to the Beach Boys

In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said Barbie Star spoke about her favorite music as a child. Robbie was born in 1990 but fell in love with the Beach Boys when he was five. The Beach Boys were big stars in the 1960s but were overshadowed by the Beatles, who took the world by storm. Robbie was reportedly upset that the Liverpool band had stolen the limelight from their favorite band and refused to listen to them.

“I had seen a documentary about how the Beach Boys would have been even more popular if the Beatles hadn’t come along and stolen the limelight,” Robbie said.

Robbie said she went through several phases with music growing up. There was a time when she went through a “goth phase” and listened to heavy metal bands like Slipknot. However, she was more reminiscent of her last role: The Spice Girls would have “changed everything” and defined who she wanted to be.

“The Spice Girls changed everything and dictated my version of second wave feminism,” Robbie shared. “It’s like, ‘Oh my god, they wear little sparkly dresses and push-up bras and then they have a girl gang?’ That’s what I want to be!’”

Were the Beatles and the Beach Boys rivals?

Margot Robbie wasn’t there when the Beatles and the Beach Boys were at their peak, but the two competed on the charts. However, they both admired each other and often used their rivalry as fuel to improve their own music. Brian Wilson loved, for example rubber soul and used it as an influence to write pet sounds and the song “God Only Knows”.

“It must have been November 1965,” Wilson said via “I was living in this house in the Hollywood Hills at the top of Laurel Way at the time, and I remember sitting in the living room talking to some friends one night when another friend walked in with a copy of the Beatles’ new album. rubber soulI don’t know if it’s even come out yet. But he had it so we put it on the record player and wow. As soon as I started listening to it I was hooked. I mean I loved it!”

The Beatles were equally admirers of the Beach Boys, and John Lennon and Paul McCartney constantly sang their praises. Paul McCartney once said that “God Only Knows” is one of his favorite songs and it often makes him emotional.

“‘God Only Knows’ is one of the few songs that brings me to tears every time I hear it,” McCartney told the BBC. “It’s really just a love song, but it’s brilliantly done. It shows Brian’s genius [Wilson]. I actually performed it with him and I’m sorry to say that I broke down at the sound check.”

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