Barcelona’s Ferrán Torres and Sira Martínez’s relationship comes to an end

Together for over a year and a half, the couple was going through a crisis in their relationship

Ferrán Torres and Sira Martínez, daughter of Luis Enrique, ended their relationship after more than a year and a half together. According to the Spanish press, the end of the romance can collaborate even more for a probable transfer of the player – who lost space with coach Xavi Hernández.

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According to the Spanish website ‘Culemanía’, it was Sira Martínez who ended the relationship with the Barcelona player. The relationship crisis dragged on for some time and the couple even took a break recently. However, the main reason for the decision to terminate on the part of Luis Enrique’s daughter was her career. Equestrian champion, Martínez is focused on professional challenges and goals and the uncertainties in dating were not contributing positively.

Ferrán and Sira’s relationship was already well known in Spain, but it broke the bubble and gained international repercussions at the 2022 World Cup. That’s because Torres was coached by Luis Enrique, father of his ex-girlfriend, during the world tournament. At the time, the coach even joked about a possible celebration of his son-in-law, if he scored a goal.

— If he (Ferran Torres) scores, I’m very happy. But if he makes that gesture (with a pacifier), I’ll replace him, I’d send him away and he won’t step on the grass again -, smiled Luis Enrique, coach of Spain in the Cup.

As mentioned, the future of Ferrán Torres does not seem to match Barcelona’s colors anymore. The player did not convince in his passage and is one of the options on the boat of Xavi, the current coach of the team. Atlético de Madrid has already shown interest in the possible exchange of athletes, transferring Yannick-Ferreira Carrasco to Culés. There is also an option for the Premier League through Aston Villa, for a value of around 45 million euros.

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