Basler advises Kahn: Talk to Hoeneß and Rummenigge

FC Bayern Munich

Basler advises Kahn: Talk to Hoeneß and Rummenigge

Ex-soccer professional Mario Basler gets involved in the discussions about FC Bayern Munich.

Ex-soccer professional Mario Basler gets involved in the discussions about FC Bayern Munich.

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Now Mario Basler is also getting involved in discussions about the Bayern crisis. With a former teammate he is harsh in the court.

Munich. The former Munich soccer professional Mario Basler went to court with the crisis management of Bayern board member Oliver Kahn after the Bundesliga bankruptcy at FSV Mainz 05.

“These are statements that you can also get rid of in kindergarten. It is neither fish nor meat. You must be a leader. I can only remember Uli Hoeneß, who goes into the dressing room after a game like this and completely loses his nerve and completely freaks out,” said the former national soccer player in the “Basler ballert” podcast.

Kahn “can’t look into the camera, he’s always looking at the ground, at the clouds, I don’t know if he’s looking for someone. I find Oliver Kahn’s public image catastrophic,” said the 54-year-old from Basel about the former international goalkeeper. His former teammate runs “a business. Bavaria is also a commercial enterprise. He runs it. I think he’s missing something. You can’t really judge him. He’s been here for two years. He had one or two years of training with Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.” Basler’s advice to the 53-year-old Kahn: “I think he should talk to Kalle or Uli.”

“Doesn’t deserve to be German champion”

Basler showed understanding for the days off granted by the new Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel for the Munich players after the 1:3 defeat in Mainz. “I think it’s okay to give players a day, two or three days off to see something different and get away from football. It has to be said that Munich is burning like hell. You can let the boys go,” said Basler.

On Saturday in Mainz, the second half was “a bit of a refusal to work” from Munich, said the ex-professional. The 54-year-old does not see the blame for the crisis on Nagelsmann’s successor, Tuchel.

“I agree with many people who say what can Tuchel do about this crisis? Basically, FC Bayern did everything wrong that could be done wrong, out of necessity, for whatever reason, tried to change something that went completely backwards,” said Basler, adding: “After what they’ve done in the last few weeks, they don’t deserve to become German champions.”

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