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Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel with worrying analysis

Updated: 04/24/2023, 09:35

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Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel was completely dismayed after the 3-1 defeat in Mainz.

Bayern coach Thomas Tuchel was completely dismayed after the 3-1 defeat in Mainz.

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FC Bayern lost the championship lead to BVB due to the bankruptcy in Mainz. Coach Thomas Tuchel ordered a break.

Oliver Kahn lowered his head and stayed like that for a moment before he rumbled. “I don’t know who wanted to be German champions here? There were red jerseys on the pitch, but that was definitely not our team,” complained the Bayern Munich CEO, who are further aggravating the record champions’ crisis. – the BVB is now one point ahead of Bayern.

Bitter return for Thomas Tuchel to Mainz

“With such a charisma it will be very difficult to become champion, but we will not give up a millimeter, not even this season,” said Kahn. The fact that after the exit in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and the DFB Cup there was no revolt to end the disastrous season at least with the eleventh national title in a row made coach Thomas Tuchel at a loss

“The team looks like they’ve already played 80 games. She seems exhausted,” said the 49-year-old ex-Mainzer, who had his first Bundesliga coaching job here from 2009 to 2014 and experienced a bitter return.

He had no real explanation for the unresisting fall in the second half after a passable first half with Sadio Mané’s opening goal (29th minute). “I don’t know it. We’ll have to wait and see what that means, but we find it incredibly difficult to win games,” said Tuchel. “The points gone, like sand through your hands.” It was just too much happening for the team, “they can no longer resist when things go wrong”.

Instead of lectures and crisis talks, he ordered his players to take a three-day break until Wednesday, which was “urgently needed for everyone”, emphasized Tuchel: “Because there is a lack of energy, and we won’t get it if we all call in and continue.” Captain Thomas Müller too welcomed this time off in order to be “fed up by my own family”. Because: “I feel a certain emptiness and helplessness.”

After a first half that was too passive, Mainz showed those virtues that Munich are currently lacking: mobilize new energy, act more courageously and strengthen the team spirit. With sensational success! Ludovic Ajorque (65′), Leandro Barreiro (73′) and birthday boy Aarón Martín (79′) turned the game around in the second half. With their tenth game without defeat in a row, Mainz set a club record and are now increasingly hoping for a place in the European Cup.

Third home win in a row for Mainz against Bayern

“We gave a through ball,” said 05 sports director Martin Schmidt without even mentioning the European Cup. “Beating Bayern 3-0 in the second half is an unbelievable story for Mainz 05 and the club’s history.” It was Rheinhessen’s third home win against the record champions in a row.

“We were lucky to only go 0-1 at half-time,” said 05 coach Bo Svensson, who played under Tuchel as a central defender in Mainz for five years. “I’m proud of my team. “In the first half we were only the second-best team up to 1-1, but after that you noticed that the energy and the momentum had come.” (sid)

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