Bayern Munich and Thomas Tuchel lose to Freiburg in the DFB Cup

Es negligently it has not been determined how Oliver Kahn arrived at his seat in the football arena in Munich on this Tuesday evening, which his club believed should have ended without any fun.

And so, unfortunately, one can only speculate for fun that he, the CEO, meandered through dark side streets in his car, that he slipped through a dark side entrance into the stadium, that he even looked around nervously in the VIP lounge – that he did all this because he has known since Saturday night that he can no longer feel safe in his arena; because he knows there’s a detective there investigating him.

The detective’s name: Lothar Matthäus.

It is one of the funniest stories of the season that Lothar Matthäus, who used to play for FC Bayern and today grumbles against FC Bayern, wanted to elicit a confession from CEO Kahn in a Sky discussion on Saturday before the top game between Munich and Dortmund. He thinks that FC Bayern is currently doing that We are who we are is missing. In the television discussion, he was concerned with the way in which coach Julian Nagelsmann was or was not informed of the release.

When Kahn countered (“What do you actually mean by We are who we areif you always assume that there isn’t one We are who we are more?”), Detective Matthäus countered: “I noticed that you were distracted again! Sebastian (Sky moderator Hellmann; ed.) asked you a question that you didn’t answer. “One could now critically note that Matthew also distracted, but back to the evening, which was supposed to end so fun-free.

Master thieves instead of master detectives

When Oliver Kahn finally arrived at his seat in the arena on Tuesday evening, he must have been relieved. He had not met the absent detective Lothar Matthäus or the little detective Bastian Schweinsteiger, who made his little accusation on ARD without any evidence (“Yes, that We are who we are got lost a bit”), he didn’t have to reply.

He was now able to watch his new coach Thomas Tuchel field almost the same team that won 4-2 in the Bundesliga against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday and were set to win against SC Freiburg in the DFB Cup. A home win and the team would be in the semifinals. All joking aside: It should be possible, right?

No detectives, but no semifinals either: Oliver Kahn (above)

No detectives, but no semifinals either: Oliver Kahn (above)

Image: picture alliance / SvenSimon

For everyone who kept their fingers crossed for FC Bayern, it was a fun-free evening because there was no master detective in the arena, but there were master thieves: Christian Streich and his footballers from Freiburg.

On Tuesday evening, the small SC Freiburg won 2-1 against the big FC Bayern because they were able to steal the ball from the opponent in the most important moments of the game. In the 27th minute, when Kingsley Coman wanted to clear the ball, but Nicolas Höfler intercepted it and shot into the goal with fine technique from more than 20 meters.

In the following 63 minutes, when the favorites pushed and pushed into the Freiburg penalty area, but rarely managed to do so. And then, of course, in the 90th minute, when Matthias Ginter and Lucas Höler headed to the ball in Bayern’s penalty area, enabling Nicolas Höfler’s shot, which Jamal Musiala blocked with his arms. The result: a penalty for Freiburg, which Lucas Höler shot under the bar. What an end!

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