BBB 23: Change in voting will save villains Larissa and Amanda – 03/04/2023

At least in my humble opinion, the way they systematically attack Domitila’s reputation brags Larissa and Amanda, in addition to Aline and Bruna, as the great villains of BBB 23.

They try to turn the virtues of the opponent out here, involved since adolescence in projects and agendas linked to feminism, into a weakness. As if the fact of having really manifested itself negatively about Larissa made all of her previous and later life unfeasible: they want to reduce her to error.

Worried about the wall, Larissa revealed that she feared the public’s forgiveness, comparing with the situation of Gabriel Fop: “Nine days were enough for him to almost stay here in the house”. Bruna went so far as to reply: “But Fop never took advantage of that speech for anything”.

More than an inversion, this is a perversion of values, as if the energy dedicated to doing positive things for the community becomes a sentence or a burden from the moment an error is committed —even more an error against them, the untouchables of the desert.

Aline’s speech to nominate Domitila was in the same way, very heavy. “She talks a lot, but somewhere I felt like she did less than she said.” The quartet’s project seems to go beyond eliminating the opponent, but ruining her reputation. It is a treacherous external game.

In order to get rid of the plants and keep the rivalry high in the final stretch of BBB 23, the program’s production changed the rules of this week’s voting. In the quadruple wall between Amanda, Domitila, Larissa and Marvvila, the audience must engage to save their favorite instead of eliminating the enemy.

Moving the game often means keeping a less active participant in the house, as would be the case with Marvvila remaining in this hot spot. Larissa’s second outing would be a moment of extreme catharsis, demonstrating that the quartet’s attitudes towards Domitila are not catching well out here.

But the most likely, unfortunately, is the departure of the pagodeira, since the fans of the fourth deep sea are focused on Domitila’s success. Amanda has a passionate crowd and Larissa must count on the support of those who still manage to root for Bruna.

Everything the villains of the season didn’t deserve at this point in the championship was a victory like that. But justice hardly has space in the BBB.

We’ll be back anytime with new information.

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