‘BBB 23’: Gustavo makes an appeal after discovering a trip to the Maldives paid for by fans: ‘Please’

Fans of Gustavo and Key Alves were organizing a trip to the Maldives for the former ‘BBB 23’ couple

gustavo spoke on social networks after discovering that fans are planning a trip to the Maldives islands for him and Key Alves, with whom he had a romance in the BBB 23. The two are no longer together and the gift would be an attempt to provide a reconciliation between the two.

Gustavo 'Cowboy', from 'BBB 23'.  Playback/Instagram

Gustavo ‘Cowboy’, from ‘BBB 23’. Playback/Instagram

Photo: Marcia Piovesan

However, “Cowboy” did not approve of the admirers’ initiative and decided to call it quits. In Instagram stories this Saturday, 29/04, the ex-BBB said that they crossed the line.

I’m coming here to talk about this news that is coming out of the trip to the Maldives. Guys, I think the business is going too far. I found out that there are fans who are going into debt to help with this trip. So guys, please don’t do this.” Gustav asked.

Then he encouraged fans to help those who really need it. “Do you want to help? Do you want to give a gift? It goes like this: winter is coming, we need a blanket. Need basic basket. Let’s find some needy entities so we can make this donation. You can count on me for that. I’m always here”said the famous.

Guys, let’s stop, please. Don’t do this, I’m asking you not to do this. Please. Class, but I love receiving presents from you, I received a rosary, a saint, wow, I loved it. I am even happy with a message from you, I feel very welcome, very loved. So guys, let’s close this subject and let’s continue to help these people”, finished Gustavo.

Watch the video of the outburst!

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