BBB 23: To Boninho’s delight, Larissa got it all wrong – 03/24/2023

My fans! My team! Our fans! In an extraordinary phenomenon that can happen to absolutely anyone, Larissa returned to BBB 23 (Globo) as if she had been the champion of the season, instead of being eliminated with wide rejection last week.

His behavior shows a certain enchantment with his newfound fame. She had little time to experience the pains and delights of her new condition. It was all so fast that she apparently could only digest the delusions.

Judging by the first conversations on her return, Larissa has no idea what motivated her elimination in a quadruple wall with 66.75%. Worse than that, you don’t even know what such a large percentage means. It was more than twice as many votes as Alface, another central character in that conflict.

One gets the impression that he was told that he was eliminated by some abstraction, as if he had gone to a fake Paredão and left the Curicica studios because he tripped over something that made him deviate from the Secret Room and, when he realized it, he was on the program of Ana Maria Braga.

By the way, the interviews that Larissa gave to Globo programs did not help at all either. Instead of the traditional exposure of the contradictions of those who have just dropped out of reality, both the chat with the eliminated person on Globoplay and the breakfast at Mais Você were dedicated to exposing the contradictions of the opponents.

The editorial decision was wrong to say the least, but at least it helped build this curious narrative for the recap. She is delighted with the prospects of life for the ex-BBB, confident that she understood Brazil’s wishes and desires in the three days she was free.

That’s why it’s so important to balance supporting those you admire with constructive feedback. People only have the opportunity to truly evolve when they understand what they could have done differently.

Intoxicated by the poison of exaggerated positive reinforcement, Larissa came back better than ever for BBB 23. To Boninho’s delight, the alleged privileged information will not necessarily be an advantage for her and Nicácio, in the end. The game continues. Good thing comes around.

We’ll be back anytime with new information.

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