BBB23: Boninho trolls and scares finalists: ‘There are people here’

The BBB23 director pranked the sisters

The finalists of BBB23 (Globe), aline, amanda It is Bruna they were getting ready for the grand final when Bruma, in the hallway, heard a noise at the classroom door and got scared.

Bruna Griphao (Reproduction/Globo)

Bruna Griphao (Reproduction/Globo)

Photo: Mais Novela

“Amanda, Mami, there are people here”, snapped the actress.

Boninho has fun trolling sisters

The duo left the room and, again, knocked on the door: “Toc, toc, toc”.

They wondered if it was production preparing the external area, however, they realized that the noise had not been accidental.

Bruna Griphao joked that she was scared, but remembered that there are numerous cameras around the house and that nothing would happen.

Then, Boninho went to his Instagram to tell reality fans that he was responsible for the beats.

“We’re here, at the very end.. I’m going to knock on the door, oh. Nobody answers [risos]”said the big boss.

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