‘Be Who You Are’ – Uche Elendu reveals the image she portrays amid drama with Angela Okorie

Uche Elendu, a Nollywood actress, has been encouraging her fans to be themselves.

The actress, who recently turned 40, revealed that she embodies the message of staying true to yourself.

She expressed her gratitude for having a beautiful face, beautiful heart, beautiful soul, beautiful bag, beautiful bank account, beautiful family, friends, lovers and fans, because she has a beautiful God.

“When I look at the message I’m conveying, I think it’s definitely about who you are.

BUT be your best.

Beautiful face, beautiful heart, beautiful soul, beautiful bag, beautiful bank account, beautiful family, beautiful friends, beautiful lover, beautiful fans. Anything is possible because I have it.

A beautiful God!!!”.

Age Scam: “40 is the new 20” – Uche Elendu subtly responds to Angela Okorie

Meanwhile, Uche Elendu, a Nollywood actress, is not concerned about the allegations leveled against her by her colleague Angela Okorie.

According to GISTLOVER, Angela Okorie has online convicted her former boyfriend Uche Elendu of alleged treason.

Remember, Uche Elendu celebrated her 40th birthday in style yesterday and Angela Okorie was smitten when it came to the age declaration

Angela Okorie, in a seemingly deleted comment, criticized Uche for lying about her age when she is actually 50 years old. It seems that the colleagues have an age wound because the former called out the latter.

Angela Okorie prayed that the evil her co-worker had done would follow her to her death.

She wrote“Well god go punish me don’t make her lie she’s 50 years old.” May all the evil she’s done follow her for the rest of her life. Amen. Nonsensical man.”

However, what led to their differences has yet to be clarified

Unperturbed by Angela Okorie’s comments, Uche Elendu insisted that she was 40.

While writing a thank you note to her fans, she explained that 40 is the new 20.

“The way I dance when I see how much love and praise was poured down on me yesterday…You’re all just amazing. I honestly didn’t know until yesterday how much you all love me. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much! May my god honor you all… I will reply to all posts and messages myself. I love you all.

40 is indeed the new 20″.

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