Bebe Rexha reveals someone sent her used toilet paper

Bebe Rexha received a disgusting gift from someone.

On Friday (March 24), the 33-year-old “I’m Good” singer took to social media to reveal that someone had sent her used toilet paper.

“Someone sent me used toilet paper 🤢”, bebe written on Twitter along with a photo of the toilet paper and an opened letter addressed to her.

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Fans began reacting to the gross gift, with one person reminding them to wash their hands, after which bebe replied, “Bro, I’ve washed them about 10 times.”

When asked by another fan if she had ever received such strange and unusual gifts, bebe wrote: “No, that’s crazy. How wtf.”

As of now it looks like this bebe don’t know who sent her the toilet paper.

In a recent interview bebe explained why she could never date a fellow musician.

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