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Aurora Morabito, also known as Moska, was one of The standout stars of The Italian reality show “Il Collegio 5”. At just 17 years old, she had a rebellious personality and a passion for rap music. Fast forward three years, and Aurora Has undergone an incredible glow up that Has caught The attention of many. Let’s take a closer look at her transformation!

Passionate about Music

During her time on The show, Aurora’s love for music was evident. She even wrote and performed a Viral Tiktok song titled “13”. However, despite The popularity of The song, it also received a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, Aurora’s passion for music continues to inspire her.

A New Look

One of The most noticeable changes In Aurora’s appearance Is her hair. She Has ditched her fiery red locks and opted for long, black hair. Her signature fringe remains, adding a touch of edginess to her look. In terms of fashion, Aurora Has also undergone a transformation. She has moved away from tomboyish outfits and now sports More feminine streetwear. Her fans on Instagram Have praised her new look, but what do you think of Moska’s transformation?

Aurora Morabito's Incredible Glow Up


Aurora Morabito’s glow up is a testament to her growth and transformation as a person. Her passion for music remains, and she continues to inspire her fans With her unique style and personality. With her drive and talent, we can expect to see great things from Aurora In The future.

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