Beginners should definitely avoid these mistakes

The experienced marathon runner John Kunkeler explains what is important in training, how to get fit for fun runs and what traps even professionals fall into.

A jogger in front of the Reichstag in Berlin

A jogger in front of the Reichstag in Berlinphotothek/imago

John Kunkeler will call you back in an hour. He couldn’t answer the phone earlier. He was riding a bike with an odometer.

Kunkeler measured the route of the women’s run in Berlin’s Tiergarten, everything should go right on May 13th. The 75-year-old is the official distance measurer and also travels the world on behalf of the World Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). Above all, he is an experienced marathon man. Hence the phone call. It’s about running. So how best to get started. How to stay tuned. When to venture into a fun run. What are the biggest mistakes.

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