Berlin: Attack with hand grenade and knife

Bloody dispute in Berlin: A man is said to have injured three people in the Reinickendorf district with a hand grenade and a knife. One of the victims is in mortal danger, the police said on Saturday.

According to current knowledge, the alleged attacker detonated the hand grenade at around 11:15 p.m. in front of the entrance to an apartment building. As a result, two women of Serbian nationality aged 42 and 48 and a 61-year-old man from Bosnia-Herzegovina were injured. The 61-year-old suspect, who, like the women, comes from Serbia, is said to have attacked his victims with a knife. One of the women and the man were injured.

Suspect arrested in an allotment garden

The background of the fact is still completely unclear. The investigation also investigates the relationship between the attacker and the injured. Late on Friday evening, a homicide commission began investigating the attempted homicide.

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The three injured were taken to the hospital. The suspect initially fled, but was soon caught in an allotment garden. Forces of a hundred arrested the man and handed him over to the homicide squad. (mp/dpa)

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