Berlin: Crazy chase – helicopters in action

Reinickendorf/Neukölln: Police helicopters used in a crazy chase

The Berlin police needed support from the air yesterday. A motorcyclist was traveling so fast on the A100 in Reinickendorf in the direction of Neukölln last night around 12:40 a.m. that the officials requested a police helicopter to assist them.

During the pursuit, which was also supported by units of the motorway police, the motorcyclist continued to accelerate and overtook other road users on both sides. Ultimately, the driver left the autobahn at Stubenrauchstrasse in Rudow and drove to Beizerweg.

The helicopter crew watched as the man parked the motorcycle. They informed the other police officers of the location. They temporarily arrested the 24-year-old and confiscated his driver’s license and his machine in order to have an expert opinion drawn up, since the young man stated that his motorcycle was not running at full capacity due to a defect and that he could not drive that fast. He now has to answer for the investigation into a prohibited motor vehicle race.

Spandau: Fire in a high-rise building – woman dies

A 92-year-old woman is in an apartment fire on Salchendorfer Weg in Falkenhagener Feld in the district Spandau been found dead. A resident noticed smoke and flames coming from the apartment on Thursday evening and called the fire brigade. As a spokesman for the fire brigade announced on Friday, the fire broke out in an apartment on the 15th floor of a 17-storey skyscraper. According to the information, when the fire brigade arrived, a room was fully engulfed in flames.

The emergency services brought the lifeless woman out of the apartment and the emergency doctor then declared her dead. The extinguishing work lasted around two hours. A total of 54 emergency services were on site. The exact cause of the fire and death is still unclear, according to the police. The investigation is ongoing.

Marzahn: Driver changes lane and overlooks motorcyclists

A motorcyclist is involved in an accident on Thursday Marzahn been badly injured. A 20-year-old driver had overlooked the motorcyclist on the avenue of cosmonauts when changing lanes from the left to the right lane, the police said on Friday. The motorcyclist slammed on the brakes and lost control of his machine as a result. He fell and slid several meters across the road. The 41-year-old suffered a collarbone fracture, traumatic brain injury and various abrasions. He was taken to a hospital. The driver was not injured. The investigations were carried out by the special commissioner for traffic offenses of Police Directorate 3 (East).

Kaulsdorf: A young person runs onto the street and is hit

A teenager died in an accident on Thursday Kaulsdorf (Marzahn-Hellersdorf) been badly injured. As the police announced on Friday, the 15-year-old ran between parked cars at around 2:30 p.m. on Chemnitzer Straße. He was hit by a 52-year-old driver. The teenager first hit the windscreen and was then thrown onto the street.

With the suspicion of a fractured pelvis and several lacerations on one hand, the emergency services took him to the hospital. The driver also received outpatient treatment because he was in shock. The investigations were carried out by the special commissioner for traffic offenses of Police Directorate 3 (East).

Britz: Quartet beats men

Two men were in last night Britz (Neukoelln) been beaten up. As the police announced on Friday, the 25-year-old and 27-year-old were suddenly attacked by a group of four shortly after midnight on the Ernst-Keller-Bridge. The 27-year-old was hit in the face, fell to the ground and was repeatedly kicked in the head. He suffered skin abrasions and a broken finger. Meanwhile, his younger companion was held, hit in the head and kicked in the stomach.

When passers-by approached, the attackers fled in a car in an unknown direction. The 27-year-old came to a hospital for outpatient treatment, the 25-year-old did not need to be cared for. The criminal police took over the further investigations, in particular into the background to the crime.

Lichterfelde: burglars jump from the balcony

The police on Thursday in Lichterfelde (Steglitz-Zehlendorf) arrested a burglar. However, two accomplices managed to escape. A witness had previously observed how three people broke into a mezzanine apartment on Ostpreußendamm around 9:30 p.m. They had pried open the balcony door.

He then called the police. When plainclothes police officers arrived shortly thereafter, two suspects jumped off the balcony and escaped on foot in different directions. A third hid in the apartment, but was discovered by the police in the hallway and arrested.

The burglars had already ransacked the apartment at the time. According to the police, the tenant is currently on vacation. Whether the fleeing men were able to make loot has yet to be checked, the police said on Friday. The 43-year-old was handed over to the criminal police in Directorate 4 (South), which took over further investigations.

Neukölln: men attack vans

A van is in on Thursday Neukoelln was robbed. Read here what the armed strangers were after.

Pankow: Driver captured pedestrian

A woman died in an accident on Thursday Pankow get hurt. As the police announced on Friday, the 88-year-old was hit with her walker around 11 a.m. by a 63-year-old driver who turned from Florastraße onto Görschstraße. The elderly suffered a foot injury. The driver was not injured. The investigations were carried out by the special commissioner for traffic offenses of Police Directorate 1 (North).

A10 at Dreieck Potsdam: Five injured by two accidents

In two rear-end collisions on the A10 Five people were injured at the Potsdam Autobahn triangle within about ten hours. Due to a braking maneuver by a driver, six vehicles were involved in an accident on Friday near the Glindow junction (Potsdam-Mittelmark) in the direction of Frankfurt (Oder), the police said. The driver of the car had braked according to the information out of caution. A driver driving behind him was able to react in time, but the vehicles following her were no longer able to. The cars pushed into each other within a few seconds due to high traffic density, as a police spokesman said.

The fire brigade initially assumed numerous injuries. Four ambulances were on site, a helicopter brought an ambulance, as the spokesman further reported. Ultimately, two injured came to a hospital. The lane was closed for about an hour.

Previously, on Friday night, a 25-year-old inattentive driver near the Glindow junction (Potsdam-Mittelmark) drove into a car ahead. Three people were taken to area hospitals with injuries. Two lanes had to be closed for the recovery and rescue work. Construction work is currently being carried out at the Potsdam Autobahn triangle.

Havelland: Confrontation with several injured people

In Brieselang in the Brandenburg district Havelland there was an argument between several people last night. According to initial information from on-site, several people hit a car at a roundabout after an Easter fire. They broke the windows in the process. In addition, the attackers are said to have pulled the driver and passenger out of the vehicle and beat them up. There was also another person in the back of the car. It is not yet clear whether the passenger was injured.

Several ambulances were called. The injured were initially treated on site, three of them were transported to hospitals. The fourth person stayed where he was.

While the police officers were trying to clarify what had happened, a cyclist came along, who repeatedly obstructed the measures taken by the officers. He had to be brought to the ground and handcuffed. The cyclist was then taken for a blood test. The incidents or physical injuries and damage to property are currently being clarified by officers of the Brandenburg police.

Oberhavel: student injured in driving school lesson

A driving school lesson in Birkenwerder is in Oberhavel a student was injured. According to initial police findings, a 57-year-old driving instructor drove in the direction of Hohen Neuendorf on Thursday behind his 54-year-old student, who was sitting on a motorcycle. The learner driver braked at a red traffic light. The teacher overlooked this maneuver and drove onto the motorcycle, the police said on Friday. As a result of the collision, the learner driver fell and injured his arm. He was cared for by rescue workers on site and did not have to go to a hospital.

Dahme-Spreewald: drivers ignore red traffic lights – three injured

In a traffic accident in Wildau im Kreis Dahme-Spreewald three people were injured. According to the police, a 45-year-old driver ignored a red light at an intersection on Good Friday. As a result, he collided with a 37-year-old driver who was crossing the road with her vehicle. Both the driver, the woman and her 16-year-old passenger suffered injuries and were taken to hospitals. The police are investigating the driver for negligent bodily harm.

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