Berliner Spätis should use sidewalks to party

It can be annoying when night owls sit outside in front of the Späti. It’s even banned in at least one district. The FDP wants to allow the use of sidewalks throughout Berlin.

The Späti at Rosenthaler Platz is always a source of discussion because people are partying out here.

The Späti at Rosenthaler Platz is always a source of discussion because people are partying out here.imago/Sabine Gudath

The Berlin FDP supports the Spätis in the capital and wants them to be allowed to use the sidewalks for their guests. Chairs and benches should also be outside. The Liberals will decide on a corresponding motion at the state party conference on Saturday. The document is available to the Berliner Zeitung in advance.

In at least one district, the use of the sidewalk is prohibited. Mitte rigorously prohibits Spätis from using sidewalks or forecourts. Even with a special permit, there is no permission for so-called bar front gardens. On the grounds that Spätis often don’t have toilets. Night owls would then urinate in the corners, the district argues.

FDP: Ban shears all Spätis over one comb

No problem for the FDP. The application states: “In many areas, front yards in front of mixed businesses contribute to the neighborhood culture (late culture) and upgrade the corresponding location. It can be assumed that the overriding public interest does not prevent the use of bar front gardens in mixed operations. A ban is therefore not proportional.”

The argument that residents could feel disturbed is generalising, according to the application: “The general specifications do not take the individual local situation into account, because the effects for third parties are not the same in every location. This applies to space or the effects on residents.”

Johanna Koch, district councilor in Mitte, wants her district to lift the ban. She told the Berliner Zeitung: “The blanket ban combines all tradespeople and does not take into account the heterogeneity of the district. With a view to the upcoming season, the district office must act now and make the decisions.”

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