Bicycle mayor network, freeing Black mothers from jail, Benin eradicates trachoma

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, we’re looking at a global cycling revolution gathering speed across the African continent, a campaign confronting the harm mass incarceration has on Black mothers in the US, and the WHO’s announcement that a preventable disease has been officially eliminated in Benin.

Bicycle Mayor Network is championing a two-wheeled revolution across Africa

The network aims to fast track the uptake of cycling, improve infrastructure, and present different ideas on how to create more livable cities – with bicycles at the center.

Source: CNN

The Essie Justice Group is helping free Black mothers from jail

The non-profit organization is tackling the predatory US bail system that disproportionately affects women of colour, helping incarcerated persons to navigate the system and promote healing.

Source: Yes! magazines

WHO announced that Benin has officially eradicated trachoma

Thanks for local government leadership and support networks, the West African nation joins six other African countries in successfully eliminating this preventable disease.

Source: Global Citizen

“No Mow May” encourages bee-friendly spaces in urban developments

Communities across the US are adopting the practice, refusing to mow their lawns and letting pollinator plant species grow in their gardens.

Source: NBC News

Will psychedelic drugs transform mental health treatment?

Psychedelic drugs have long been used for their mind-aging effects. Now, they are making their way into western medicine as a treatment for mental health disorders.

Source: The Guardian

LA strippers set to unionize in US first

The historic step comes 15 months after the workers launched their efforts to campaign for higher compensation and safer workplace conditions.

Source: NPR

Organization helps Honduras town turn annual fish storm into income for locals

By teaming up with a sustainable fish farming firm, the people of Yoro municipality are able to turn the unexplained phenomenon into an economic opportunity.

Source: Fast Company

Kashmiri girl opens martial arts school to tackle violence against women

15-year-old Darafshan Mohudin’s academy teaches women the basics of self defence, providing them with practical skills alongside a sense of empowerment.

Source: Deutsche Welle

A new generation of Amazon guardians is fighting deforestation with tech

By embracing digital solutions such as drones and solar-powered camera traps, indigenous communities are better able to protect their forests and fight illegal logging.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

Singapore pioneers dementia-friendly neighborhoods

By redesigning areas to better suit individuals with this condition, these innovative spaces are giving independence back to Singapore’s aging population.

Source: BBC News

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