Bike libraries, cellular therapies easing organ shortage, Asian innovators fighting online hate

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, ‘bike libraries’ increase access to bikes throughout the US, cutting-edge cellular therapies aim to ease the shortage of donor organs, and local Asian innovators push back against online hate.

Bike Libraries’ successfully increase access to bikes throughout America

The program sees libraries and campuses including bikes in their catalogs for people to borrow, helping more people to access an alternative mode of transport.

Source: Next City

Cellular therapies could solve US organ shortages

In the US, the demand for transplantable organs drastically outstrips supply. To address this shortage, cutting-edge cellular therapies could play a pivotal role.

Source: Engadget

Local Asian innovators push back against online hate in the absence of tech giants

Local efforts to stem online horrors are underway by Asian communities that criticized platforms like Facebook and Twitter for not doing enough to regulate online disinformation and hate in their languages.

Source: Context

Accessible transport for those without access to smartphones

In places where many citizens may not have a smartphone or know how to use them for transport alerts, these authorities are trying solutions like solar-powered e-paper signs.

Source: Next City

A growing garden community has lessons to share

These vacant lots in Chicago have been transforming into a community garden for 12 years, two more than when these efforts usually fail.

Source: Yes Magazine

How can museums become greener?

Museums may be beautiful places, but they are also notoriously wasteful. Some new approaches are bringing about more sustainable ways to expose artifacts.

Source: Reasons To Be Cheerful

An arts education program teaching a community more than artistic skills

For this effort, the piece of art at the end is not the aim. Instead, the focus is on the process and relationships made by the artists along the way.

Source: Yes Magazine

This small Indonesian island looks at the bigger climate change picture

Predicted to be fully submerged by 2050, Pari Island’s residents aren’t looking to just sink away without a fight.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Meet the woman using apps and tech to unite Iran for change

Firuzeh Mahmoudi’s effort to help Iran started as a global day of activism to raise awareness for what had happened in her country. She then created United for Iran, an independent nonprofit focused on civil liberties, that has since developed multiple apps to help Iranians.

Source: Good Good Good

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