Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni goes after Nicki Minaj

Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni appears to have changed her mind about Nicki Minaj as a “cute person” and now says the Queens rapper was a “weak bitch” when she first started dating.

Tokyo Toni praised Minaj on Instagram Live last month; She sang praises to the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper.

“The most real slut I’ve ever seen in my life,” she said. “Nicki? i love nicky [she’s] a sweet person. She’s the most real bitch I’ve ever seen in celebrity status in my life, because a person like that can literally talk to someone who’s — or friendly and a real bugger. You know what I mean?”

Apparently she doesn’t feel the same way and said she wanted to slap the rapper in the face.

“Another of those weak bitches is Nicki ‘motherf****ng’ Minaj. I want to smack this bitch. I want to take a step back and throw her a $$ like that. she sayshit the air.

It’s unclear why Tokyo Toni lashed out at Nicki, but there are reports that she tried to get the rapper’s attention to speak out on behalf of the homeless in Los Angeles. However, there is no confirmed report of Tokyo holding any action at all.

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Meanwhile, fans online reacted to the messy video.

“Why does TokyoToni suddenly want to slap Nicki??? I’m so confused,” one person wrote. “Tokyo Toni must be in the shit again, girl, what’s Nicki doing to you too?!” Or am I guessing that you asked for money and she ignored you? LMAOOOOO,” one person tweeted. “Sister, she’s out again! Tokyo Toni goes berserk again calling Nicki Minaj a weak bitch,” another person wrote on Twitter.

“Tokyo Toni is funny because she said she couldn’t be mad at Nicki for long and love her chili. She just wants Nicki to support her food drive to feed the homeless,” said another person.

As for Nicki Minaj, the rapper hasn’t commented on any of Tokyo Toni’s previous videos, neither praising nor disparaging them.

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