Black unemployment rate hits record low, pairing oysters and whiskey, dogs helping children to read

In this edition of Squirrel News, we’re exploring the unemployment rate of Black workers sinking to a historic low after pandemic spikes, oysters being used as water filters in Scotland, and special dogs helping children struggling to read.

Black unemployment rate hits record low in US

After spiking during the pandemic, the Black unemployment rate sits at a record low of 5%, with Black people now making up 13% of the US workforce.

Source: The Washington Post

Nonprofit supports medical students, physicians of color

Hoping to entice them to stay in Kansas City, Mission Vision Project KC helps recruit and support Black medical students and doctors in a predominantly white field.

Source: KCUR

Pairing oysters and whiskey could have great benefits for wildlife in Scotland

Scientists find that using oysters as water filters helps the bivalve and other species thrive – and could treble the amount of carbon going into the seabed.

Source: The Guardian

New law ensures additional rights for transgender community in Spain

The new law allows transgender people to change their gender identity in the civil register without any medical care or diagnosis being necessary.

Source: Euronews

Iowa leads US states in generating wind and solar electricity by land area

While big US states might lead out of sheer numbers, smaller states such as Iowa surprise when it comes to solar and wind energy production.

Source: Mother Jones

Rooftop gardens reduce flooding, heat island effects in Amsterdam

The rooftops in four flood-prone neighborhoods proved effective at mitigating issues through a four-year experiment.

Source: Reasons to Be Cheerful

Toy libraries bring fun to families struggling with other expenses

For families struggling with cost of living expenses and other things, borrowing from toy libraries ensure fun for their kids.

Source: ABC News

Grannies help refugees learn English in Australia

In Adelaide, elderly women are helping refugees – many of whom are children from Afghanistan – learn English.

Source: ABC News

Therapy dogs are helping children learn to read whilst reducing anxiety

The Story Dogs program helps children who are struggling to read by creating a calming, non-judgmental environment.

Source: ABC News

Cincinnati barber gives children with special needs free haircuts

Vernon Jackson opens up his Noble Barber and Beauty shop to help children who may otherwise struggle with getting their hair cut.

Source: CBS

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