Blood test detects 50 types of cancer, new approach to treat obesity, guaranteed income programme for immigrants

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In today’s edition of Squirrel News, a new blood test can detect cancer before symptoms appear, US doctors use a new combination of approaches to treat obesity, and Minnesota pilots the nation’s first guaranteed income scheme for immigrants.

New simple blood test can detect more than 50 types of cancer

A new blood test can detect cancer even before symptoms appear. The test can not only detect tumors, but it can also identify where in the body the signal is coming from.


A new, effective approach to treat obesity

Some medical professionals are revising the way they address obesity and treat patients with different methods at once, also addressing stigma and prescribing new anti-obesity medications.

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Minnesota’s first guaranteed income scheme for immigrants

A new programme run by the International Institute of Minnesota is providing twenty-five immigrant families with a guaranteed income of $750 for twelve months.

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How a city eliminated pedestrian deaths

In Hoboken, New Jersey, a few critical changes have led to an elimination of pedestrian deaths for the past five years. When studies showed where most deaths occured, the city took action to look for solutions such as bike racks, planters and red lights for both sides.


Australian climate legislation milestone hit

After more than a decade of climate legislations being on the backseat in Australia, on September 12th the country’s government passed a climate bill embedding carbon dioxide reduction targets into law.


First ever hydrogen power plant in Africa to begin generating energy in 2024

French energy company HDF has stated that it expects its green energy plant in Namibia, a first of its kind in Africa, to begin generating electricity in 2024.


How Texas ranchers adapt to an era of extremes

Texas beef producers are shifting how pastures are planted and managed, diversifying their cattle stock, and diversifying their businesses. Planting native grasses and rotating cattle helps ranchers prepare for climate crises, like droughts.

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A conversation on the dawns and dusks of farming

Humans have raised livestock for millennia, is it time to stop now? A writer with a radical idea and a farmer with faith in his industry discuss whether the age of animal agriculture needs to end.

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How a methodist preacher became a champion for Black-led sustainable agriculture

The TAC Farm is a Black-owned and operated farm working to boost the local economy. It also uses organic, climate-friendly farming processes, like enriching the soil with compost and installing windbreaks to protect crops.

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Black-led groups in Detroit are using access to nature as acts of liberation

With limited access to nature in Detroit, citygoers may struggle to gain the benefits of being in nature. These organisations are aiming to change that for people of colour by using the natural world as a platform to reconnect.

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