Blue Bloods fans see a resemblance between Joe Hill and Danny Reagan

Danny Reagan may have matured into a more mature detective over the past few seasons of Blue Bloods. But in previous seasons, the officer often let his emotions get the best of him, which seriously affected his job performance and his relationship with his family. Honestly, some of Danny’s worst moments in previous seasons came down to his hot temper. That’s familiar ground, renewed for Season 13, but for some fans it’s Joe who fits the description better than his uncle. And it may all have something to do with him struggling to live up to the Reagan name. “He’s very emotional,” wrote u/CuteBaldChick. “I think he struggles with being a Reagan but not being a Reagan. I also think the Reagans are expecting a lot from him considering he just came into their lives.”

Season 13 wasn’t easy for Joe. Understandably, he loses his composure when his father’s grave is desecrated during the season. And in the episode “Past History,” he gets into trouble with Frank after violating federal orders during a joint operation between the NYPD and the FBI. On the latter in particular, Joe’s rash actions are similar to Danny’s, as his uncle’s earlier methods often meant his father, Frank, the commissioner, had to deal with the piercing headaches they caused. It’s no wonder why, as u/happygoth6370 noted, the Reagans just want Joe to make wiser decisions. After all, they’ve walked this path many times with Danny.

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